Monday, January 31, 2011

Where my college degree comes in handy?

The second opinion I got was definitely a very different opinion. So now I get to make the medical decision for myself based on my extensive professional knowledge of the human body. (Which consists of a high school anatomy class where I dissected a frog, pig, and cow eyeball)
But I do at least know that Code of Hammurabi or whatever they take in medical school that says "First do no harm" and since I've already done harm my decision is "second, do no further harm" so I decided to go with the second doctor who will do an invasive procedure but no cutting so maybe it'll be easier to recover from. Maybe. Decisions Decisions. Oh well, I'm at peace with it for now and plan on snuggling with my 2 snuggle bunnies while the snow falls outside for the next few days.

Sadly all this medical mumbo jumbo has taken up all the space in my brain that was supposed to be creating an awesome video that tells Ryan's family what theme we decided on for gifts for Christmas 2011. I set a Jan deadline and I don't think we will make it so I'll just have to email you guys instead. It would've been awesome though....


Leslie said...

no! just push back the deadline! maintain brilliance and remember christmas 2011 ain't for a long time!

thank goodness for medical options.

Shawn and Becky said...

I'm so glad you got your second opinion and that you feel better about it. We'll pray that doctor heard you and will do what's best for you!

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