Friday, January 21, 2011

You know I'm busy when....

You know I'm busy when there aren't that many posts this week and all I can do is come up with a lame look back and what we were doing in January the past years but whatevs. I like doing them. We have evening plans for 6 days this week. 3 of which we cooked for people (and by we I mean Ryan actually did 2 but still) so there hasn't been as much free time to blog. Plus Liv is mad at me because I'm not weaning her but I am cutting her nursing times down to 3 a day (morning, nap, and night) because quite honestly I thought she would've done that herself by now but I was way wrong, so she's been crying lots lately, but she's happy and fine when I'm not around, so it hurts my feelings and it hurts her feeling, but I know it's the right thing to do for us for now so I have to tough it out. But it's not easy. Anyway that's prob TMI so here's what I'm really posting. A look back at January....

In January 2010
-Liv was experiencing her first Oklahoma ice storm
-Her hair still stuck up in all sorts of crazy directions 24/7
-Ryan and I were playing scrabble EVERY night
-A crazy man was living in his truck in front of our house
-Liv laughed and rolled over

In January 2009
-I did this same list so I can copy it for the other years (haha!)
-I was angered that girl scout cookies rose in price
-I philosophically posted about "would Jesus have blogged"
-I was cranking out baby quilts for friends
-I had just found out I was pregnant and saw my mom in Nashville and still kept it a secret

In January 2008
-I had a ravaging case of pleurisy
-I fell in love with Harry Potter and finished all the books
-Maggie the magnolia tree was suffering after the ice storm
-I posted a hilarious video of my mom and dad playing guitar hero
-I went to Disney World

In January 2007
-Our Realtor consistently called Ryan, Brian and he never corrected him
-I researched who my grandfather was named after
-I started a new job designing furniture for people with too much money
-I was in awe of Bear Grylls
-We rang in the New Year with the Youngs at their apt.

In January 2006
-I had my wisdom teeth taken out and immediately became dumber
-I still liked James Frey and his book despite the drama on Oprah
-I told a great joke about Jesus and Pinocchio
-Someone offered Ryan a million dollars for his car...well not really but said it was worth that


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the nursing thing. All of us who went through it are empathizing with you. It does sound like you guys are very busy. Don't wear yourselves out so you get sick again. (Do I sound like a mother or what.) Love you guys loads. Mom aka Gma

Tarren and Erin said...

Liesel still wakes up in the night wanting to nurse. Then I nurse her when whe wakes up before naps and before bed at night. I am trying to cut out the night nursing and it is killing us all. She throws the biggest fits and then I give in and nurse her. AAAAAAAAH! I feel your pain.

kmom said...

I don't remember you going to Disney World in Jan 2008. Did you and Ryan go? Time flies. Hope you all stay well.

Shawn and Becky said...

Such a heart breaker for everyone - but once you get it all figured out it'll be worth it. I think I started telling Cameron it was empty and he had to wait till they filled up - can't remember if he bought it or not. And of course I always had a cup of milk to give him instead. He didn't mind as long as it came from a cup with soft nipple. We actually used to call regular milk Daddys milk (instead of nimbus milk :) On another note I love the looks back - it's fun to look at what a difference a year can make! Hope things get better for both of you.

Annaleise said...

That does not sound like fun Katie... :(
And I don't think it is TMI. I love the honesty of your blog!

Leslie said...

I heart your lists.

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