Monday, February 28, 2011

The Fastest Way to Lose 5 pounds

I'd gladly take back all the weight I've lost to not go through a weekend like this EVER again. I got to come home yesterday afternoon and aside from being really sore and fatigued, I'm on the mend. So far nothing too weird is growing in the petri dishes at the hospital, so they think I just got some bad virus (which I think is weird since I've been at home all week on quarantine with Liv). I'll have some follow up appointments to rule out other issues but hopefully it's all behind us. Forgive me if I become a bit of a germaphobe-hand-washing freak over the next few weeks.

I'm slowly starting to eat some food again, but I still don't have my energy back and since my arms are swollen and bruised from all the IV's (I had 6 different placements thanks to my crazy veins) I couldn't really take care of Liv so my wonderful parents rushed here yesterday and my mom is here for awhile. Bless my dad who slept about 5 hours and headed back early this morning.
Thank you so much for all the messages and texts. I might not have responded to each one but I received them all and felt comforted knowing how many of you were praying for me during this scary time. It also was so nice knowing there were people to watch our daughter in a moment's notice at odd hours of the day and night (and for texting me pics of all the fun things she was doing). I never worried once about her but I was really saddened that I didn't see her for 2 whole days (and didn't nurse her for 3!) but she gave me the longest and sweetest hug last night and I swear she changed a lot in those 48 hours.
And thank you to my husband who I already thought had been through the worst with me during labor and my surgery in December but he witnessed some disgusting things this weekend and took care of me and Liv through it all and I love him so much.

(I feel like this was an acceptance speech, which I guess is appropriate considering the Oscars were last night. I watched them for a bit but after having only slept about 5 hours in 3 days, my bed was calling my name!)


Anonymous said...

We are so so glad you are home and hopefully the worst is behind you. You have such a great mom to come to the rescue again. Debby you are a saint. (And I mean that literally.) We are still praying for you Katie. Give that sweet baby girl a big kiss and hug from Grandma. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Micah said...

So glad you are started to get better!

H said...

So glad you're on the mend! I was thinking of you and Olivia and wondered how the time separation went with breast feeding. My heart aches for you having to be away from your baby girl so unexpectedly! hope you get renewed strength each day!

Kelsey said...

Katie, I'm so sorry you are going through all that you are. I hope everything gets figured out and resolved very soon. You will remain in my prayers. Love you!

devon lorraine ... said...

omg katie. sad face. i hate hearing that you're going through even more. but i am so glad you have a loving family.

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