Thursday, February 03, 2011

How to stay warm in the snow (if you're 16 mos. old)

Layer 2 fleece footie pajamas, then a pair of fleece pants, then boots (that you can't zip up because there's too many layers), then a warm coat, then hat, then mittens and have fun!

At least for about 5 min until you feel snow touch your skin then scream until you get to go inside!


Anonymous said...

She does look toasty warm. Glad the boots came in handy. Who would have thought?! Maybe next week you'll have 70 degrees again. Love, Gma aka Mom

LittleKelly said...

HAHA!! Okay way up in Chicago Elijha wore a long sleeve jump suit, socks, lined pants, Snow pants, fluffy jacket, mittens 2 hats and a scarf. Oh and boots. Don't worry Eli has screamed at snow since the first snow fall. WAHOO

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