Thursday, February 10, 2011

Newsletter: 17 Months

Dear Olivia,
This has been a fun month for sure but we have stayed in our pajamas for most of it (as the pictures show!) since it's been too cold or snowy to go anywhere. We have been venturing out to the gym a lot and the first few times you cried when I left you but now you know the ladies pretty well and go straight to them when I drop you off. When I pick you up they often mention what a little helper you are to the other kids in there. If someone is crying you try to bring them a toy or cheer them up. Even at the shoe store the other day I followed you around and if you saw someone trying on shoes you would hand them their sock, or shoe, or purse. I'm glad to see you becoming a helper even at an early age!
You still don't favor any particular toy but this month you have been playing with your baby dolls more and you love to wrap them in blankets and hug them and feed them a bottle. We've also gotten creative with things around the house since we've been snowed in and you love to play in the laundry baskets and be pushed around in them!
I can't lie by this age I thought you would be talking a lot more but you still stick to the same phrases. Every now and then you'll say a new word like "Bible" clear as day, but then you won't say it again. Your animal noises seem to be improving some. And you are starting to make short sentences by combining sign language and words like "Please mama" or "More milk." We'll keep working on our real words but I'm not worried though because you do babble lots and you understand everything I say, you just can't repeat it!
The biggest change this month has probably been that we've been working on only nursing in the morning, nap time, and bed time. Occasionally I'll give in if you fall down and hurt yourself or when you were sick last week but for the most part you've quit asking and if you do I remind you to wait until the appropriate time. I mainly did this so you'd quit tugging on my shirt in public and it has worked. Now when you are ready for a nap you will start tugging on my hand or leg and will lead me to your rocking chair in your room. It's pretty cute.
Since you aren't nursing as much you have tried a few more foods and we've found that you will try them for your daddy much better than you will from me. Raisins are the new favorite but you've also eaten clementines, blackberries, and apple slices. If other kids are eating a food you seem much more willing to want to try it so I encourage you to steal other kids snacks when we are around them!
You've become quite attached to having oatmeal for breakfast each day and walk straight to the pantry each morning to point to the box. I'm trying to get you to eat real oatmeal and not the baby kind but somehow you can tell a difference. I have to hide what I'm pouring in the bowl so you can't tell it's different packaging!
You've been getting up in the mornings earlier and one week it was 6am every day. I tried telling you that this wasn't acceptable behavior because you were too cranky and I was too cranky and we were both fuss buckets by the time daddy came home from work. It wasn't fun for anyone. I'm thinking it's your canines coming in that are causing the problems but I guess we'll see if you've decided to become an early bird! (Please I hope not!)
We've been meeting with a small group of friends for a meal, Bible study, and fellowship each week. You are the only kid there but you don't mind and you love to go from person to person while we are in a circle singing or talking. They love you too and you sit in their laps, play with their iphones, and keep us all entertained with your silly faces. You are always doing something weird like spinning in circles staring at the ceiling until you fall over again and again and again. I often call you a spaz for all your shenanigans, but please don't take it as an insult. I love that you love people and I love that you are always trying to get a smile out of someone. I see your father and me both in that personality trait of yours and look forward to all the other crazy ways you will get us to smile in the future!
I love you!,


Roxanne said...

It's true, it's true! We DO love liv ;)
I love your newsletters Katie.

kmom said...

I love you, Olivia! Grammy

Anonymous said...

Me too. Me too. That is one precious baby girl. I can't wait till May. Happy 17 months sweet Olivia. Grandma loves you very very much. Grandma

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