Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love you, I hate you, I can't live without you.

Lately Charlie has been exceptionally naughty. I need to quit reading discipline books for kids and start watching my dog whisperer videos again! I knew when Olivia was born that the love I have for my fur kid would change and I would most likely grow annoyed with her (because I don't know a single person who still likes their dog after their baby is born....don't say I didn't warn you people out there without kids!) And Charlie has been great through the transition. I wouldn't say her and Liv are best friends but she does well at tolerating her and never has wanted to chew her toys or bite her.
Now that the weather is nice I've been playing with Charlie a lot more in the backyard and she is getting plenty of exercise, but nevertheless she has decided to make some very bad choices as of late. These bad choices include chewing up Olivia's magnetic letters whenever left on the floor, eating half a loaf of bread from the counter top, eating 4 cupcakes AND their wrappers from the MIDDLE of the dining room table, barking for no apparent reasons (often in the middle of nap time) and constantly being under my feet when I'm doing laundry or cooking so much so that I have tripped over her one too many times lately.

This is not like her. This is not the well behaved dog I had a few weeks ago. We're going to try to give her an extra scoop of food to see if that helps...maybe she's just hungry and acting out?! Who knows. I don't. But I'm fed up and just want my old dog back :(


tricia said...

Oh no :( maybe it's time to call Cesar Milan? Or as in like to call him, Cesar Milano. Like the cookies.

Leslie said...

I was JUST saying that I think CM has kicked the bucket! Haven't heard a peep (or a....whisper) from Mr. Milan!

But my best guess is exercise. Hudson's been cooped up and is driving us batty. Finally took him on a 3 mile hike through woods, snow, ice slopes, and even through a partially-melted-but-still-icebergy stream. I just got back from it and am hoping it scored some major good behavior this week.

kmom said...

Maybe Charlie is missing me. Months ago she did seem to snap at Olivia and almost bite her, but she seems to know not to do that now, even if Olivia teases her or swats at her. Maybe Charlie needs extra attention from Ryan. She must really be missing her dog friend now that the weather has warmed up.

H said...

We are in the same place at our house, Rory's figured out how to get on the bar stool and then the kitchen counter so nothing is safe from her naughty eating and just got done putting Ava back to sleep after AVa started randomly barking and waking her up. So annoying!!

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