Thursday, March 10, 2011

Newsletter: 18 months

Dear Olivia,
I can't believe I have a one and a half year old!! You have turned into quite the sassy little girl this month and I am getting my hands on all sorts of discipline books to figure out what will work with you. You fight me with all your might during diaper changes and getting into the car seat, but worse than that is your snooty tone when you look at me and say nuh-uh. It's worse than "no" which I'm glad you still haven't really learned. I can hardly believe my little angel is already giving me attitude!
You've quit saying a lot of your words and replaced them all with "mama" instead. I miss you answering "yes" to my questions but I guess if you had to replace it with something "mama" is ok. We've been having stand-offs after meals because you quit signing "all done" when you were done eating and would just start screaming. I was proud of myself though and stood my ground and explained you HAD to sign "all done" or you would not be getting down. You screamed and wriggled and fought me tooth and nail but I calmly kept asking you to please say "all done" if you were. We were late for our zoo playgroup but after about 10 or 15 minutes you finally looked at me and said it! And now you say it much faster after your meals! Those were a rough few days of discipline though and I know it's only going to get tougher from here on out so please try to take it easy on me! Stubborn and sassy: that's you!
But please don't think you are just developing negative qualities. You are becoming even more helpful and love to help me with house chores and cooking. I try to let you stir things when I'm cooking and help me as much as possible with sweeping or folding clothes. You look so proud when you get to help! You have also learned how to make a fishy face which comes in handy when giving fishy kisses. They're the best! You're learning to point to lots of different body parts and even like pointing out other people's bellybuttons.
You've started playing better by yourself and I'm always amazed at what a show you put on for others when we have company over. You act like you were born to entertain them and you do! You've come up with quite the fake laugh and bust it out at a moment's notice. It does make me laugh and everyone else too. I prefer your real laugh but as long as you're happy I shouldn't complain!
You have some great hiding place that we haven't found yet in the house. Wherever it is, there our remote control, the diaper rash cream, and your cough medicine can surely be found. We've searched the house up and down and are about ready to conclude you either threw it in the trash or have found a secret tunnel somewhere.
You are learning more animal noises and love to wave at every single animal at the zoo (including statues) and say "HI." You can even find the camouflaged animals before I do. You can growl like a bear or lion, moo like a cow, and baa like a sheep. You've started saying something that sounds like "Ry!" which I think is you copying me when I'm trying to get your daddy's attention. You also try to say peek-a-boo when you're playing behind the shower curtain, and I love that I know what you're saying even though it would sound nothing like peek-a-boo to a stranger. Grammy even worked on your vowels when she was here and I catch you going around trying to say them and it makes me smile.
If you want someone to follow you somewhere you've started taking our hand and pulling us to where you want to go, or sometimes even pushing us. You are getting more and more frustrated when we can't understand what you want but I know in a few more weeks or months you will be jabbering real words up a storm. You already read aloud through your books using baby babble and I love to listen to your voice inflections as if you really are telling me the story!
Things may be getting harder for me with your stubbornness and sassy tones but I just keep reminding myself that the tough times are what make us better people. With each tantrum and frustration I know we are both growing as human beings and hopefully for the better! Please know that I love you for who you are now and for who you will be, and no tantrum can ever change that!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding. I'm probably gonna wear out my computer watching that video over and over again. That is SOOOOO cute. Can't wait to see you all in person. Love and miss you. Mom aka Gma

ktsdad said...

Preach it, Mona! Videos are NEVER too long for Poppa either :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna lie, I got a little teary-eyed when she said "Bye". She's growing up so fast. Can't wait to see you guys! Love you! Bonnie

kmom said...

I love you, Olivia! I had a great time playing with you last week! Love, Grammy

lizcannon said...

i love love love the "fake" laugh. priceless!!!!!

lauren and brad said...

She is hilarious!!!!!! I love the laugh! I love how she dances every time you sing. I was waiting for her to show off her "drop it like it's hot" move!


I love that first picture!!! What a cutie!

Jennifer said...

Such a cute video. I can't believe that she is already a year and a half.

Leslie said...

yup. love that girl.
can i now request more video of her interacting with the other kiddos?
and OHMYGOODNESS is she going to have an oklahoman accent like y'all?! so excited!!

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