Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taste the Rainbow!

To celebrate St. Patty's day Amanda and I made a rainbow treat for our kiddos with even a pot of gold at the end!
(I saw the idea here) It was delicious!
Then Liv and I spent some time with our favorite Irishman Patty O'Furniture (get it...haha...patio furniture) and played outside in the warm, but blustery day. Hope you remembered to wear green today!


Leslie said...

Deeeelish! I just got a box of clementines and was so happy to have such fruity-fruit. Can't wait for spring and summer for better tasting fruit!! Winter in New England doesn't allow for the California-yearround-fruitedness I've grown accustomed to.

On a related note, 'Liv's tank top is adorbs.

kmom said...

Yummy looking snack and great idea!

Anonymous said...

I didn't wear green today and nobody's pinched me yet. That really is a beautiful snack. Lucky Olivia. Mom aka Gma

Becky said...

I did this last year for Carter's kindergarten class at school. They LOVED it and inhaled it!!! A great idea!

Ted and Anne said...

The rainbow looks delicious, what a cute idea!! I've got to remember that...and yes, I did wear green today :)

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