Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Change of Plans

As much as I was looking forward to our Mexican Beach Vacation our plans have changed due to reasons beyond our control. I'm sure my mother won't mind since according to her in Mexico they will "sell me drugs and steal my baby." Which would be hard since I didn't plan to buy drugs or take my baby with me! (I don't think I have a large Hispanic reader population but if I do please don't let her words offend you. She embraces other cultures, really she does--see read this)

Sooo now we plan to vacation a little closer to home, still without the bambino. Since it will cut the cost down considerably, we thought we might purchase an ipad as well since it seemed to come in handy while traveling with a tot--which I will be doing by myself on an airplane this summer and I'm frightened to sit by a stranger on a plane with a squirming toddler without an electronic device that keeps her quiet and happy! So I'm asking for 2 things from my readers to get me more excited about the change of plans

1. Do you have any favorite getaways closer to OKC than Cancun?
2. What are your favorite apps for your i-stuff?

And since this is like 2 posts in a row not about my child I'll post a pic to appease you. Before you get sucked in by her cuteness just remember she's been pooping in the tub lately.
Just another reason I'm glad daddy does bath time!


kmom said...

You quoted me incorrectly! I never said that! Unless things have gotten better, it was only in the past year or so that our government was advising against travel to Mexico because of people getting their money stolen or getting beat up. By the way, I really like Olivia's sandals.

Ryan and Katie said...

I would NEVER misquote you mommy dearest!!

Sandi said...

Okaloosa island, fl ! Beautiful beach, can get good rentals gulf front thru vacation rentals by owner, Look at waterscape resort condos

Anonymous said...

Look for All inclusive resorts in either florida or Texas, they will make you feel as though you are in mexico.

Have you considerd a Xoom instead of an iPad? I have heard that if you have an iphone go with an ipad, but if you don't you can go for a xoom instead.

-Cousin Kelly

Amy said...

Some apps that Autumn loves, (she a couple weeks older than Olivia), is SoundTouch (touch the animals and hear their sounds with multiple pictures of each animal), iGo to the Farm, Alpha Baby (learn shapes, numbers, and letters and can move them around and bounce around the screen with finger), Baby Piano Lite.
You will not regret it!! We were so glad we had ours when we travel with Autumn since we can also put her Elmo movies on there! They go in a comatose stage!!! Great for airplane! lol For you, also you can download the app OverDrive Media and checkout books from the library to read on the ipad!! Let me know if you have any questions!!!
Oh...and now you know that I blogstalk you! haha

Shawn and Becky said...

I like the news apps, E! Online, Facebook, the google app to get to my blog reader :), all recipes, whole foods recipes, mantis bible, amazon, and for Cameron. There's lots of flash cards, he's always loved peek a boo barn which kept him highly entertained on our trip to NY, fish school, wheels on the bus, shape builders. Google preschool apps and you'll find tons!! Vacation sounds lovely!!!

Annaleise said...

If you are still looking for a beach vaca we loved the Destin/Seaside/Rosemary beach area in Florida. We thought it was just as nice as Cozumel and beaches we have been to in the Bahamas. We also loved our trip to Sedona, Arizona. It was beautiful and relaxing there. If you wanted a big city other than NYC, Chicago is fun. Close by, I have heard people talking about an area in TX called South Lake that has great hotels, shopping,restaurants, and movie theaters all in walking distance.

I would love to do a road trip down the pacific west coast stopping in several places or a portion of a route 66 tour. Also on my to do list is San Diego, Redwood forest, Yellowstone, Boston, Maine and more... :) But I'll stop rambling on your comments!

As for i-apps, Michael loves his iPad, but I haven't really used it. I will have to ask him about apps.

Allison Harms said...

The pooping in the toilet comment had me rolling. Hahahahahhaha. Love it.

Hmmm, I like Dallas, but I'm partial. We are about to leave for our Babymoon in Hot Springs, so I might have a recommendation for you after we go. :)

We were going to go on a beach vacation like that but I am pregnant, so no go. And babies are expensive. You will have so much fun wherever you go! :)

Anonymous said...

i went to this place and found it great, even with my kid in tow:

New Orleans is a great place too, or Pensacola white sand beaches if you want someplace further... Jessica Van Winkle

tricia said...

destin and surrounding area in florida is great place to vacation that isnt too far. it's also not super crowded now that most spring breakers have headed back to school. the beaches there are white and sooo pretty.

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