Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

The Lord answered many prayers for rain on Easter Sunday. I don't think it's rained in like 4 months. Oklahoma was beginning to look like the Sahara so it was much needed, but due to the rain, all hopes of cute outdoor Easter dress and egg hunting photos were caput. Despite the weather, there was much fun to be had. I'll let the pictures tell the story.
Olivia was surprised to see wet stuff on the window pain Sunday morning. She'd forgotten what rainy weather was. She was all dressed up in her Sunday best when her mommy told her a bunny had left her a present in the kitchen.
Good thing part of it was edible because she was hungry!

Then they headed off to church where an attempt was made at a family photo. Katie looked like she was about to snarl, Olivia was bored, and Ryan was a stud with a windswept tie.
They sat through a children's Easter program and a sermon but there was only so much waiting a 19 month old girl could do. She was ready with a basket for the hunt she had heard so much about.
I think you can see if you watch the whole video that there was much more excitement in a carpeted stage to run on, than in hundreds of eggs filled with candy.

Mom tries to help Olivia get the hang of it.
It works for a millisecond
Olivia occasionally gets excited. And just when she's got one in each hand...she realizes they are way more fun to throw than to put in a basket.
Oh there's something inside?! Chocolate? Blech!! Where are the yogurt melts?
NO YOGURT MELTS?! I'm done. Take me home. I'm ready for a nap.
And that concludes our Easter Sunday morning with a toddler.
Stay tuned for more weekend fun times with the Merediths.


Anonymous said...

That looked like ALOT of eggs. Whos job was it to stuff 'em with the candy? She looks so pretty in her cute dress. Love ya all, Mom aka Gma

Monique said...

I love her dress!

~Christy said...

OMG Katie you look so stinkin skinny!!!!! someday i will be not pregnant long enough to get skinny like you!! :)

Shawn and Becky said...

She's so cute. Love the videos. And I love that she ran all through the room past all the eggs to find that one certain egg. The stage is just so distracting!

Shawn and Becky said...

And p.s. cute family picture you all look great! I see no snarl, just a cute momma!

Leslie said...

1. "are we rolling" = such a filming professional
2. egg "hunt" = SO.MANY.EGGS! but it totally WAS a hunt! olivia hunted for the right ones!

happy easter!


My girls know all about what rain looks like, it's the bright yellow thing in the sky that confuses them. =) I LOVE that dress! So classic. Looks like a great Easter. Love you.

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