Friday, April 15, 2011

Girlz Night!

We've been meeting with our small group from church (even though half of them are at another congregation now) for like 2 years. I blog about them sometimes but I don't think I've ever shared any pics. Last night the guys + Olivia got together at our house to watch a zombie movie. The girls went to out eat on the patio of Kaiser's, then to Cuppies n Joe, and back to Roxanne's for some talk late into the evening that ended with a firetruck coming to their neighbors house and some awesome pyrotechnics courtesy of high winds and a transformer.
Oh how I love girl time. Especially when it includes yummy food (I had my first Bison burger) and beautiful weather. It was much needed and I got a good workout on my abs from laughing so hard. We missed you Penny and Nadine!

I hear Olivia had a wonderful time being one of the guys but I don't think Ryan took pics. That's just not how guys roll.

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Anonymous said...

And that's why mommys are very rarely in pictures. Sounds like a fun night. Aren't friends a blessing. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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