Friday, April 01, 2011

Killer Combo: Dinosaurs and the Bible

This video isn't that exciting, it's just a shot of a typical morning at our house. After breakfast Liv usually curls up on the couch with a few books and watches PBS while I shower, or clean, or eat breakfast, whatever. There are a few highlights I'd like to point out though.
  • Liv reads 90% of books upside down. If they are right side up she turns them upside down.
  • The book she picks up to read after the Bible is about a girl who walks upside down. She reads this book the correct way.
  • Dance moves start out tame in the morning but increase in scale and velocity throughout the day
  • I need to change out the photo of that random kid on the front of her Bible, maybe I'll put a photo of her upside down so when she reads it, she'll be right-side-up?
  • Even though I don't support the dinosaur-believing community, I will let my daughter make up her own mind about them. But really Dinosaur Train? I do NOT understand this cartoon. Even if they did exist, it was NOT when trains were around?!


kmom said...

I can't believe Olivia hasn't taken off her socks.

Anonymous said...

i love the dirty look she gives you when you ask her if you should turn off the tv.

Anonymous said...

My kids watch dinosaur train, and i like it because it gives them an idea of how archeologists work. and i like how they not only discuss dinosaurs but the bugs and other creatures that lived at the same time.

I'm curious though if you don't believe dinosaurs existed, what do you say the fossils are? Just curious. Jessica Van Winkle

Leslie said...

waaait a second....dinosaur-believing community? Ha!!

tricia said...

She is reading them upside down because she has (obviously) already mastered reading them right side up :)

lizcannon said...

i am also confused about this "dinosaur believing community"... what about all the fossils...?!?
liv's smile is the freaking cutest!!!

kmom said...

Katie, have you not carefully read the book I gave you that completely explains how the existence of dinosaurs agrees with evidence in the Bible and agrees with scientific evidence. Dinosaurs lived during the time of men and not millions of years ago. Some scientists are in error, but others are not.

Micah said...

I didn't know if you were joking about the dinosaur-believing thing or not. But the Dinosaur Delusion by Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt is a great book giving evidence for dinosaurs existing at the same time as man and covers a couple of scriptures that mention them. It may be the book your mom is talking about. It's a really good and interesting book.

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