Sunday, April 10, 2011

Newsletter: 19 Months

Dear Olivia,
Your verbal skills are really starting to take off. Just this week you've started repeating more words and phrases such as ooooo nice, what's this?, doodle, off, ant (or aunt), backpack, choo choo, and no mas (I think you've been watching Dora at the gym). It always takes me by surprise to hear a new word come out of your mouth! You can see by the video that even though they aren't always English words, you are picking up on intonations of conversations and a cell phone makes for a very amusing toy right now. (my favorite is the first 10 seconds and the "insincere laugh" I crack up every time I watch it!)
You continue to be a social butterfly and as soon as breakfast is over you often head to the back door ready to hop in the car and go on an adventure. You get so excited when you see people you know from church or playgroup and smile real big and wave to them. You've been hugging and kissing a lot more lately too. This month you got to play with your cousin Alice in Branson and I'm so glad the two of you are so close in age. Even though you don't live close I know you'll be best buds when you're reunited at holidays.
Your sleep habits are going well. Daddy still continues to do your bedtime routine solo since I'm trying to only nurse you at nap time now. You sleep from about 8pm-8am and often enjoying playing in your crib alone for quite awhile before you holler for me to come get you. You take one nap in the afternoon for anywhere from 1-3 hours.
You've gotten one of your canines in but we're still waiting on the other 3. Your hair is getting lighter and lighter and you might just be a full blonde by the time summer gets here. Your losing so much of your baby fat. You only have one roll left on your thighs and I think I will weep when it goes away. At least you still have your dimply elbows and slightly chubby cheeks so I can still be reminded of the baby that you once were.
Meal time is still a bit of a struggle. You have a real problem with textures and do NOT like to try new things around us, but you are much more willing to try them for others, especially if other kids are eating something. Your daddy has gotten good at hiding new foods in applesauce to get you to try them. You love just about every fruit and grain there is but that's about it.
I'm so glad the weather seems to be staying at a warmer temperature now so we can play outside. You can easily play outside all day. You spend most of the time in the backyard naked because after 2 seconds you're sopping wet from pool water so we just take your clothes off because it's easier. Now as soon as we get on the back porch you start taking your own clothes off! I think you gave the Jehovah's Witnesses in our driveway quite the welcome when you yelled "Hi-yo" standing buck naked at the backyard gate.
You love to draw with chalk in the driveway, practicing pouring water with cups from the pool, splash in the pool, play tag with me in the driveway, and clean the lawn chairs with a wet rag. You really do play well by yourself, but I love it when you take a break from playing and just come sit in my lap. Sometimes you'll take my face in your hands and give me a big smack right on the lips and hug around my neck and it's the best feeling in the world!
Books are becoming some of your most cherished items. You love to sit down and flip through the pages and read aloud for quite awhile now.
Sometimes you pick a favorite book of the day and I"ll read it to you over and over again and you'll carry it with you wherever we go: in the car, in the pool, in the yard, etc. Then you'll pick a new favorite the next day! I'm just glad you'll let me read more than 2 words to you before you throw it on the floor! You still love to read most books upside down but it's pretty cute so I'll let you!
We've almost hit the one year mark of when I quit my job to become a stay at home mom. I have no regrets on my decision and I really couldn't have imagined how awesome and challenging it would be to be a full time mom. You make every day worth coming to work for!

I love you,


Anonymous said...

How quickly they grow. I can't wait to see her again and spend some quality time with her. And I'll say it again--I have the most beautiful, sweet, smart grandchildren in the entire world. Happy 19th months Olivia. Grandma loves you.

Annaleise said...

19 months! Crazy! She is beautiful Katie!
I also keep meaning to ask you if you have got a new camera or taken some photography classes over the last few months. You have had some great photos!

Leslie said...

ahahahaaa....courtesy laugh!!

Bonnie said...

That video makes me laugh and smile really big. I can't wait to see her talk on the phone like that in person. I get more excited with every blog post and video that I see of that sweet girl. :)

Kara Scharrer said...

I loved that video! How sweet is she?!! I also love how she's always dressed so cute and I hardly ever see her wear the same thing twice!

Shannon said...

i love this video and miss you all so much...i just saw a picture last night from our moving party and she looks so tiny in those. cant wait to see you all at easter

Anonymous said...

At the end of the video it sounds like Olivia says, "Hi, ya'll" on the phone. Thank you so much for the newsletters and other blogs on Olivia. She is a joy. I'm so glad you are going to see Shannon soon. Hopefully, Charlie will see Lucy then too or whoever their dog is. Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

She is such a DOLL BABY!! I love reading your blog!

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