Monday, April 04, 2011

Travel Tips

We just got back from Branson and I thought I'd share some travel tips since every stage with Liv is a new one and I never know what to expect on a long car ride!
  1. Don't pack toys. She wouldn't play with them in the car or the hotel. In fact she threw them at me anytime I suggested she play with them.
  2. If you have a light sleeper or want to avoid your child seeing you from the pack n play when they wake up in the middle of the night because all they'll want to do is crawl in bed with you, use the extra queen mattress as a partition wall. Works like a charm. An instant suite!
  3. Use the hotel pool to wear your kid out before bed time
  4. Do pack an ipad or dvd player, food, and applesauce lid. We borrowed the first one from a friend and she watched about 2.5 hours of the same episode of Sesame Street happily. The food obviously was nice, especially when it included "junk food" like yogurt melts that she only gets on special occassions! The applesauce lid she put on her finger and talked to like a person for about 2 hours. Go figure. Toys = no fun, but applesauce lid = HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT.
  5. Pack a really good book for yourself, so even if your kid starts screaming, you won't care because your book is sooo good!
  6. Pack lots of medicine because my child ALWAYS gets sick when we travel. I think the fever and diarrhea was teething related, but still, I was glad to have my bag o medicine!
  7. Just keep telling yourself and your kid "we'll be there soon!" and maybe one of you will believe it!
    Her favorite app is probably Talking Tom if you were wondering.


Anonymous said...

We're so glad you guys were here. I miss ya already. Love, Gma aka Mom

lizcannon said...

i am scared to have to travel with a kiddo... AHH!

kmom said...

You girls almost always got sick when we traveled.

Leslie said...

couldn't believe how quickly piper became enthralled with the ipad. couldn't believe how pacifying it can be!

tricia said...

maybe thats why i like my ipad so much...its soothing. i brought mine recently on a trip to visit a friend and her 13 month old was looooving it. he was quite for a full 30 minutes as he played on it

tricia said...


Shawn and Becky said...

I'm not sure what I did before my iPhone. It's smaller but totally does the job! Glad she traveled well. Cameron still loves peek a boo barn!

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