Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who's Who

Who was more excited to see each other???

Me to see Shanny?
Shanny to see Liv?
Liv see Shanny?
Liv to see Lucy?
Lucy to see Charlie?
or Ryan to see Matt?
I think it was a tie all the way around. One of the best weekends ever and I'm so glad they made the long journey here. There was lots of knitting, game playing, chatting, and tongue licking (well that was the dogs). It was like they never had left. Soon they'll be off to Utah so we will get to vacation there to see them someday. We love you Merediths!


Ryan and Katie said...

testing testing....this seems to be working fine for me....

kmom said...

I bet Charlie was super delighted to be with Lucy!!!

Leslie said...

I like it when babies ride dogs.

Shannon said...

you got some real beauties of me here :) oh and i am stealing these for my blog preposting session that i am working on tonight!

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