Monday, May 02, 2011

Book Reviews by Olivia

My mom reads a lot and lately I've decided to follow in her footsteps. One of my favorite places to read is the car. Some people get car sick from this but I don't. As soon as mom says we are going on another adventure, I grab a book and a snack and head for the back door. The first book I'd like to review is called I Can Fly. It's short and sweet and it even rhymes! I mainly like the fun pictures in the book and like to laugh at them from the backseat. I give it a 9.
This book is called Let's Go Trucks. Guess what it's about? Vehicles. I'm trying to expand my world view (and gender view) and gain knowledge in the automotive field. It's working! I recommend this book for anyone wanting to see pictures of tractors, cars, trucks, back hoes and such. I give it an 8.
Check back in a few days when my mom does a book review over some more mature books. Over and Out--Liv


kmom said...

I noticed Olivia is reading books right side up now.

tricia said...

more, more!

Anonymous said...

Olivia needs to tell Grandpa about Lets Go Trucks. He would probably love to read that one with her. See ya in a couple of days. Love, Gma aka Mom

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