Monday, May 16, 2011

Fish Face

Liv is quite the Ms. Doolittle when it comes to animals and even insects. She might act shy around new people...for a minute, but as soon as she sees a stray cat, or a dog on a leash, or a bee, or an ant. She waves real big and yells out "Hi-o!" That doesn't have much to do with this video but she does make a cute fish face in it!


Anonymous said...

Again, that girl just overflows with such talent. Such a sweetie. Grandma misses her and her mommy and daddy. Love, Gma aka Mom

Leslie said...

Thanks to 'liv and my solid attempt at mimicking her effortless fish face, I now have two hickeys on the inside of my cheeks.

Micah said...

Reagan's into the fish face right now, but she hasn't quite figured out how to do it so she always makes me. :) I'm loving this stage...for the most part.

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