Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friendship is a beautiful thing

After Eureka, we headed to Branson to pick up Liv, then headed to TN. While in Henderson, I of course spent some much needed time with Celeste.
Way back when, we had slumber parties, held sceances, giggled over boys, played on the dairy farm, shared secrets, and laughed until we peed our pants.

Later in life, we talked about crushes, cried about heartbreaks, read Teen magazines, wrote poems about young love, tanned WAY too much, and laughed until we peed our pants.
Now we chat about husbands, talk about in-laws, ponder parenting choices, give advice about pregnancy and breastfeeding, email and call over long distances, and laugh until we pee our pants
Time has a funny way of changing things yet keeping them familiar and somehow the same.
Love you Celeste!

(please don't kill me for posting an awkward 3rd grade photo of us on the internet! Long live Conway Twitty!)


kmom said...

Many, many thanks to Celeste and her husband for picking you and Olivia up in Arkansas and bringing you to visit us all in Tn.

Anonymous said...

It was much needed time for me too. Thank you for still being my best friend after all these years! Celeste

Leslie said...

i was all, wait a second....how come kate grew taller and shrank and grew taller and shrank? then i realized celeste was the one doing the growing taller and you must be standing on something!

v.cute friendship.

Anonymous said...

Katie, you look so much like Amy in those young pics of you. Such a cutie. Mom aka Gma

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