Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It Only Took 28 Years

But I'm trying new foods! So be proud mom! I guess that means only 27 more years until my daughter will eat something besides fruit and grains. Anyway Ryan and I met up with our Ethiopian friend at the only Ethiopian restaurant in OKC, Queen of Sheba. Not the greatest location but the inside of the restaurant is actually very nice and so is the wait staff.
Incidentally the book I'm currently reading is about Ethiopia so there were some references that I recognized (such as the ginormous portrait of Haile Selassie)We ordered a sampler platter so we got to try lots of different meats, including goat. You eat everything with your fingers using injera bread. It's basically a thin pancake made out of flour and tef, but Ryan said it felt like human skin. That'll make you want to stop eating.
Olivia did not like it (surprise surprise) and shuddered anytime the stuff touched her lips but it tasted just like a tortilla to me! I enjoyed most of the meat. Some of it was a bit spicy. I really liked the chick pea/hummus type stuff. I did not get a photo with our friend but she did say she would teach me to make injera soon so I guess be on the lookout for that in an upcoming "food" post!
And just for the record that's Liv's sippy cup, not Ryan's.


reborn1995 said...

i love Queen of Sheba! Haven't been back there in months though. i'd have to talk my picky wife into going. Did they have live music when you went? They had some jazz guitarist playing the night i went. And you're right about the location--the night i went, the restaurant had it's own security guards standing outside the door.

kmom said...

I am proud of you! I do hope Ryan saved his comment for afterwards at home.

Tarren and Erin said...

That place is so good. My midwife recommended it to us and we ate there when I was pregnant with Liesel. It is funny you wrote this because just two days ago Tarren and I were commenting on how we needed to go back to Queen of Sheba.

Leslie said...

man. when you dive into something new, you REALLY dive into something new! not like, mainstream mexican or anything, but ETHIOPIAN?! crazy lady.

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