Saturday, May 07, 2011


  1. If you were wondering how the gym membership is going, I'm still working out about 4 times a week. I like the Zumba and turbokick classes and am trying out pilates and hip-hop hustle. I've recruited some more people to come with me so that always makes it more fun!
  2. Liv loves the gym because she gets to play with her friends and push the buttons on the elevator...and yes I take the elevator at the gym to save myself a backache from carrying a 25 pound kid plus diaper bag up 3 flights of stairs!
  3. The gym is not the reason I'm the incredibly shrinking woman though. I enjoy the compliments, but I'm losing all the weight and inches because I keep getting sick and have no appetite. After 2 trips to the hospital and a few doctor appointments I'm seeing a GI specialist for further tests.
  4. We may not be going to Cancun, but we are going to be staying here without a kid this week! It may not be the beach but I'm still looking forward to it! Liv will be with her grandparents and we are headed to Eureka Springs for some R&R. (The reason our plans switched was because I kept getting sick and didn't want to chance being in a foreign hospital and getting dehydrated.)
  5. It's been 2 years now since the car wreck so legally all insurance claims have to be done and no one can send me anymore paperwork or call me about it! Hallelujah! However I was having dreams of bad car wrecks this week. Ryan said it's my subconscious.
  6. Ryan has been rototilling and grass seeding our yard and hopefully it won't be so muddy anymore. I miss the grass.
  7. We managed to get flowers planted in the beds and baskets without my father's help for the first time in awhile! I'll take pics when they are more than just buds. It's been about 3 weeks though and so far they are all looking pretty good.
  8. Osama Bin Laden was killed and the reactions were pretty astounding to me. Especially from other Christians. That's all I'm going to say about that topic.
  9. Ryan made tilapia for the first time last week and I really liked it. I'm not much of a fish person but maybe I can learn to be.
  10. I still need to do a separate post about watching all of Dexter. Where to begin?
  11. ipads just aren't in stock anywhere so I think we will be borrowing one for the upcoming trip and ordering one online
  12. I need to go swim suit shopping. I'm ready to hang out at a pool.
  13. My friend Christy had her baby last week and it always amazes me how I can forget how TINY newborns are! Violet is as adorable as her name is!
  14. I wish my hair looked as good as Liv's in the morning. She has some pretty great volume and style to it.
  15. There will be lots of Liv videos to look forward this week while we're vacationing
  16. For Mother's Day Eve, I ditched my kid and hubby to go see a movie with my best mommy friend, Lo. can you believe we've been friends for over 5 years now. Just look how tan and carefree we used to be before a job we hated with a boss from Hades.
  17. Lo's not in my current book club but we did both read Water for Elephants and enjoyed it so it seemed fitting to go see the movie. I thought it was a great movie and matched the book pretty well...but then again I did read it like 3 years ago so I don't remember too many little details.
  18. That's all, good night, and tell your mother you love her tomorrow!!


Shawn and Becky said...

Wow a week away with your husband sounds lovely. I hope you feel better soon and they figure out what's wrong. And I'm with you on the Osama reactions?!?!

kmom said...

Pop said the hotel he and Grandmommy stayed in on their honeymoon was the Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs. He said he would not recommend it. I didn't ask him why. I think because it wasn't air-conditioned 60 plus years ago. Daddy, Amy, and I looked through it in 2005. It was an antique. Have fun!

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