Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day!

I love holidays. And I love to commemorate them with chalk in the driveway. And I love any excuse for my husband to be home with us and to have cookouts with friends!
We spent the morning at the Paseo Arts Festival. Then the Breningers and the Vasquez's (minus Sean) came over for burgers and fun in the evening. There are lots of photos because the kiddos are just that adorable and I can't possibly narrow the cuteness down!
Liv loved having friends over in her new patio. They tested out the sandbox....
and the pool....
and the verdict is: it's fun! Jensen wasn't too sure about it though. Don't worry I rescued him after this photo.
These brothers are just adorable.
Can you get enough of those big baby blues?
No? Ok here's more....
Oh look and a rare photo of my husband and I.
But that's not what you came to see. Back to the kids. Oh Noah, a prettier boy there never was. Pretty isn't usually a word used to described boys...unless they are. And he is!
A dance party broke out at some point and Pierson and Liv knew how to groove.
Just look at this. I see visions of prom already.
But all too soon the party has to come to an end. So until flag day comes and we feel the need for another patriotic cookout....I'll leave you with this video.
To the military men, women, and families: Thank you for your service to our country and I dedicate this dance to you!


JanaGriffis said...

Such a small world.. I grew up going to church with Jenna until my teenage years. Good to see she's doing well and has such a cutie little boy!

kmom said...

Delightful pictures and video!

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