Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newsletter: 20 Months

Dear Olivia,
If babies were born at the age and stage you are now I think I might have a few more! I'm loving this stage so much and am amazed how quickly you are picking up new skills and phrases. Just the other day in the car we said "can you say Jesus?" and you said "Jesus" clear as day right back! Now it usually sounds more like "cheeses" but we know what you mean. You have also been saying breakfast, one, help, up, down, and baby. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting!
Each day we start out with the same routine: I come in your room singing good morning to you and as I change your diaper I go through all the yummy food you can have for breakfast, then I let you dive off your changing table into my arms and we head to the kitchen. After breakfast we watch either Dinosaur Train or Sesame Street together and you usually bring me your favorite book about a cricket in the library. I read it to you at least 10 times while you say SHHHHH! to the cricket with your finger over your mouth. I never get tired of this. Then we put our clothes on and get ready for whatever adventure awaits us for the day!
You've starting playing pretend more with your play food or your baby dolls. Even as I type your baby is "crying" and you are walking around patting her back going "shh shh shh shh." You love to bury things in your sandbox and then look so surprised with your arms out as if to say "where did it go?!" Then you laugh when you dig it up. The outdoors is still your preferred play space and now that's it's staying sunny most days that is where we are! The playground is your heaven and I try not to be nervous but you will climb any ladder or steps or slide no matter how high or how many bigger kids are there!
This has also been a very bittersweet month as you have officially been weaned. It wasn't really a planned thing, but I did hope you would be weaned before our vacation away from each other. I just kept getting sick so you had gone longer and longer without it and I just decided it was time. It's been pretty tough not to give in as you still wake up pretty cranky from your naps some days and ask to nurse and it's hard not to give in but I can usually distract you with applesauce or a popsicle. Then you will cuddle with me for longer while you eat your snack. Since you don't nurse to go down for a nap you've been getting better at putting yourself to sleep which is nice. I surpassed any kind of goal I ever had with nursing you and learned so much from breastfeeding. It was an incredible bonding experience that although I loathed at first, I grew to love. Bittersweet is the only word to describe it now that it's over.
You have been giving us super big hugs and kisses this month. You hug and squeeze SOOO tight around our necks and give us sugar on the mouth over and over again. You try to do the same with any little babies you are around and I have to watch you so you don't hurt them! You're just too sweet!
You are still a picky eater but if we hide meat or beans in a tortilla you will eat just about anything! However if you open the tortilla and notice what's inside, you often give us the "death look" like you know you've been deceived. I'm not worried though because you are growing like a weed. You're taller, skinnier, tanner, and your hair is lighter and longer than ever!
One thing you are doing this month that we are not fans of is using the bathroom in the bathtub. Your daddy finally started putting your training toilet IN the bathtub with you in hopes that you might connect the two things. And you do like to sit on it, but you haven't managed to actually pee or poop in it yet. I see potty training in the near future though as you've been having fewer but fuller diapers lately. I take the potty with us when we play outside and you sit on it and clap your hands but I'm still not sure you understand what it's for. Oh well, someday soon you will!
Your love for electronics, especially iphones and ipads, has grown and now that we are about to own one I can already see us having to only play with it certain times of the day. People are amazed that you can unlock their screens and go straight to angry birds and start to play! This picture was actually from when we were in Branson last month but it captures your fascination with them perfectly!
You are about to spend 3 nights away from me for the first time and I'm trying not to worry about it because I know you'll be fine, but you're still my baby so it's going to be odd not listening for your cries or bumps or falls throughout the day. I just keep thinking of the face I'm going to see in 3 days running to me with her arms open ready to give me a hug and a kiss and I know I'll make it through! I love you my sweet angel!



kmom said...

Dear Olivia
I love you so much and look forward to seeing you Saturday, if the flood waters aren't too bad.

Kelsey said...

You look awesome Katie! I'm just sorry it comes with a price. Happy Belated Mothers Day!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

She's gotten so big, and you can just see Olivia's personality in all of the pictures.

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