Sunday, May 01, 2011

Please be my tutorin'

This year was the easiest year of tutoring (look back at how much they've grown!) because I wasn't in charge! Ms. Laura did a wonderful job of heading it up this year, and I just got to sit back and volunteer as a tutor for 2 lovely young ladies.
This year's highlights included:
  • calling a phone number to see if it was really Willow Smith's (it wasn't)
  • getting beat in Guess Who WAY too many times
  • reading Judy Moody books from the balcony
  • relearning 5th grade social study skills
  • playing hangman...Justin Bieber wasn't ALWAYS the answer but when in doubt it's a safe bet
  • becoming a pro at putting spelling words in ABC order
I'll miss seeing these kiddos every Wednesday afternoon, but I'm sure they'll be around for church. Now that my Wed. is free I can zumba some more! Who wants to join me at 5:30?! That is until next school year starts!

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