Friday, May 13, 2011

Reading Alloud

I though you'd enjoy these two videos I took of Liv reading out loud in the car. We were on the way to Lo's house and I stopped at a stop sign and recorded her until another car came behind me.

Then once we arrived in front of the house she kept right on reading, until she looked up and noticed where we were!


kmom said...

In the first video, I understood, "This is..." In the second one, I understood, "Toot, Toot." and "yes" and "no." She sounds like she speaks a foreign language. Most of all, I am so surprised she even wants to look at a book about trucks, let alone look at it more than once.

Allison Harms said...

Oh my word, these videos are so cute! I love when kids mimic "adult" like things...and I love her face when she is looking out the window....Super cute! What a precious little girl you have!

Leslie said...

des! she said des?

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