Thursday, May 12, 2011

When Mommy Isn't Feeling Well

A Poem by Liv

When mommy isn't well

We often lie in bed

We watch Sesame Street on the lappy

And I do flips onto my head

When mommy isn't well

I give her lots of hugs
Then we wait for daddy to come home

So she can take some drugs

When mommy isn't well

She sometimes starts to cry

But I just kiss her tears away

Cause that's what she does with mine


kmom said...

I hope you are not sick now and the video is just a plain white rectangle. See you soon!

kmom said...

The video is working now! Great way to use up some of her energy!

Ryan and Katie said...

No I'm not sick this was like 3 weeks ago... See you tomorrow mom!

lauren and brad said...

so sweet!

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