Thursday, June 02, 2011

Book Review

Thanks to the mini-vacation this book review had to be done a little sooner than usual because if I wait much longer I'll forget what I thought about the books I read. Here ya go!

Animal Farm--I thought I'd read a classic for a change. Probably won't do that again for awhile. The one I got from the library was a 50th year special edition with illustrations by this guy. I say that because I thought the illustrations were the best part. I just couldn't get into the book. I'm sure I would've enjoyed it more probably if I'd lived 60 years ago and was relating more to the context of the era. It was still comical though and applies to government today but I just wasn't a huge fan. I give it a 2.5 (but the illustrations were a 10)

Cat's Cradle--This was my first Vonnegut book to read and I liked it very much. I enjoyed his writing style with the short chapters and found him rather hilarious. A weird book no doubt but I never claimed to be normal. I don't think I'll convert to Bokonoism yet but I can see the appeal. I give it a 9. (It's a good thing I enjoyed this book so much because we may be owning it soon. It was left it out in the rain at the lake and I have yet to return it to the library to see if they are going to make me pay for it!)

Sarah's Key--This was tough because I loved the first half of the book which paralleled stories of a young girl during the holocaust and a woman in modern day France and how their lives connected. However halfway through you find out how their connected, and it just tells the story of the modern day woman...and I didn't really care about her or like her. I wanted the author to keep the same format through the whole book. So I give the first half of this book a 10 and the second half a 2 for an overall average of 6.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest--I finished the third and final book in the Millenium series and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't my fav. I think I enjoyed the 2nd one much more. He went off on a few tangents in this one that seemed highly irrelevant (like the entire Erika at SMP part). And I really thought the twin sister would be in this one somehow but no. Much like the others it takes about 100-200 pages for me to finally get all the characters straight but then it got better. The last 50 pages or so make it really worth it but you do have to read a lot of Swedish to get to that point. Despite all the negative things I just said, I did like it. I give it a 7. Have a mentioned there's a girl in my Zumba class that I think could TOTALLY be Lisbeth?

After You--Not a fan. This fit right along in the genre of that Pictures of You book I hated last month. It was the exact same storyline and style of writing. I don't know what to call this genre. Maybe "depressing chick lit" It's just a boring story about stuff that happens in boring lives and people have to think about their relationships and grow to greater understandings. All stuff that should be on Lifetime TV and not on my book list. I've found that most of these types of books have the following words posted on the jackets to describe them: "haunting" "poignant" "riveting" and they are, in fact, never any of those things. I did finish reading it though because it was the book club pick for the month so I wanted to be able to discuss it. I'm curious if everyone disliked it as much as me or if I'm the only heartless one who thinks marriage and friendship books are ho-hum. I give it a 1.5...that's right I liked Animal Farm better than this.

Ender's Game--My husband read this a few years ago when his bff recommended it to him. Then when Hunger Games came out I heard many people say that it was a very similar to this book written 30 years ago, so I decided to find my hubby's copy on our bookshelf and check it out. I like the fact that I can take as long as I want to read it without getting a late fee! It was a bit out there for me since it's a science fiction book but I did like it. I had a hard time getting into the actual battle scenes in outer space but I liked the overall story and there seemed to be lots of different lessons you could pull from it. I did not like it as much as Hunger Games but I still give it a 6 or 7.

Get Out of that Pit!--I was enjoying my Esther Bible study by Beth Moore so I thought I'd check out one of her "Christian Living" books. The title caught my attention because I've been a bit of a pit-dweller with my health problems these past few months. It was a fast read and I liked many of the points she made, but it's not near as good as her Bible study workbooks. I give it a 6.

Up next I think I'll read Redeeming Love and another Vonnegut book. What are you reading?


dshrock said...

Chris has Ender's Shadow on our shelf if you'd like to borrow it. (I've made a mistake saying anything...Chris is rattling on it about right now as I type! His description "it's like OSSM, Lord of the Flies, and Starship Troopers.")

I've recently discovered the "Anne of Green Gables" books.

H said...

I felt the exact same about Sarah's Key.

I'm reading 'The Book Thief' so far the style of writing has me intrigued, world war II book- fiction.

I also just finished 'Calm My Anxious Heart' a womens devotional book that Annaleise recomended to me, its the best book of this nature I've ever read. Soo good.

Becky W said...

I just read a book and thought of you - it is called The Reading Promise. It was good and an easy read.

I have not read Get Out of that Pit yet, but have the 40 day devotional/workbook that goes with it. I am doing her David study now and it is wonderful!!!!

I always look forward to seeing what you have read!

Becky W said...

I have Sarah's Key, but have not read it yet - now I may not!!!!

JanaGriffis said...

Reedeming Love is my all time favorite book.

Now that I've said that... I hope that I don't end up as one of the people that recommend a book you hate. Haha. But really, I've read that book 6 times and thought the other day it's time to read it again.

I also feel like every man, especially Godly men, should read that book. It's beautiful.

On another note, my husband is huge George Orwell fan and his books are definitely not for everyone. Most of the people I know that love Animal Farm are conspiracy theorists so it makes sense.

I'm getting ready to read another Chuck Palahniuk book. I find his books hilarious and creative.

The Moores said...

I'm reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell right now and I'm totally enthralled by it. She's an author of the same era as Jane Austen, it's about north and south England in the 1850's (not the North and South of the civil war).
I felt the same way about the Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. So much detail that sorta just got in the way of the story. And where was the twin sister? But still, a good book.
Looking forward to your review of Redeeming Love.

Micah said...

I really liked Redeeming Love! I recently finished Little Women and Water for Elephants. I liked them both a lot. I'm planning on doing a post with all of my favorite quotes from Little Women if I ever get around to it. Right now I'm reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Mirjam Pressler and Susan Massotty. It's a somewhat newer version that includes things that weren't printed before. It's been interesting, but not exciting. Hiding out for a couple of years is kind of the same thing every day. The war is heating up where they are though so it'll probably speed up soon. Plus the fact that it all really happened keeps you reading.

Megan Nellis said...

I too have read and loved calm my anxious heart and recently read heaven is for real.....a fun short book that is eye opening I don't get to read as much as I would like or my chores would never get done :)

Tarren and Erin said...

I am reading "The weed that strings the hangman's bag" at your recommendation. I think Flavia de Luce is so cool! I wish I could hang out with her in her chemistry lab. I also like anything by Francine Rivers. "Redeeming Love" is a pretty good one.

Leslie said...

you read more than anyone i know.

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