Monday, June 06, 2011

Boys vs Girls

The difference in little boys and little girls is all in how they play. Check out how Liv plays with her boy buds, Ben and Des.
Full out wrestling match. I was a bit shocked too, but she had all the right wrastling moves to hang with the dudes. In contrast, this is how she plays with Keely.
In the laundry baskets, trying on clothes. Much tamer and still just as cute. It's good to have different friends to enjoy different activities with, but I might have to intervene if she still wants to wrestle with Ben and Des when she's 15.


kmom said...

It is quite clear that Olivia knows the word "mine." I wouldn't have thought she would care if Des used her stool, but maybe it was because it was upside down.

lauren and brad said...

I love watching them play together! They are BEST friends...

Leslie said...

WRASTLING!!!! That was insane to watch! Made me weak in the knees (with fear) to see the little feet so close to faces. I mean, can you imagine?? What if you were nonchalantly laying on the couch and ryan jumped on you with his feet mere centimeters from your noggin?!

Ass-whoopin' is what he'd get. A straight a-whoop.

lizcannon said...

i love that you said "there are some rules in this fight club". perfect.
liv is one tough sista :)

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