Monday, June 13, 2011

Gotta Love Grandparents!

Ryan's parents were in Branson for a few weeks in May and they were able to spend some time in OKC as well. Liv just loves having grandparents around....and we do too!
Of course we took them to Pops.
And to church.
And the spray ground. But I think Liv enjoyed hanging out with them all by herself in Branson even more. She came back and slept better than she ever has before. Grandma must've had the magic touch! Here's a cute video of Liv pushing her stroller around great grandma's loop!


Anonymous said...

I had SOOO much fun with her for those few days. I will gladly babysit any time. We enjoyed every minute we got to have with you guys in Branson and OKC. I can't wait to see you all in just a couple of weeks. Love and miss ya. Mom aka Gma


I love that determined walk she has when she is pushing her stroller. So cute.

Leslie said...

all four wheels on the ground! nice work!

lauren and brad said...

there are few things sweeter in life than grandparents. liv has such wonderful ones!

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