Thursday, June 30, 2011

Neighborhood Update

Because I know you care about our neighborhood and all. The coffin has been taken down, but my neighbors' her FRONT yard....are in full bloom! I have a hard time believing this is ok within city limits, but I won't complain lest I get vandalized again.
Oh and did I mention the people down the street painted their house NEON TANGERINE!
Can I just give a shout out to our only normal neighbors, Ryan and Jana. Thanks for keeping it classy when the rest of our hood is in the slums.


Anonymous said...

Just wait till you see what color they painted the Mexican restaurant in Dundee! It looks like it should shine in the dark just like that orange house. In fact, the trim on it is the same color as the orange house. There's no accounting for some people's taste. Mom

Jennifer said...

My husband's response to the tangerine house was, "What's the problem." I assure you, however, that we will NOT be sporting a tangerine or any other neon colored house.

JanaGriffis said...


OH we do feel the same. I assure you. Every single morning when we pull out of our driveway and look at the sunflowers Ryan just shakes his head. :)

Thanks for the shout out. Now that our life has slowed down a bit we can have time to clean up our own house so we don't become the sunflower lady!

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