Sunday, June 05, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC

Much like the series I did about our house, I am now going to start a series of reasons I love OKC. And it's not even to boost my moral about living here....because I really do like it most days! It will be to inform others of the awesomeness of this city and maybe make you a tad jealous even! (But when it's 110 outside with 100% humidity in a few weeks I might need to look back on some of these posts.) The first reason I love OKC is......


Let's see we've already enjoyed free music at the downtown arts festival, the Paseo arts festival, and Soundbites in the park. But there's a whole line up for the summer!
First off is the Twilight Sunday night concerts in the Myriad Gardens. We went tonight to hear the Stringents and it was wonderful. We took a blanket and some snacks to lounge in the shade. We took a break from the music when we needed to go play in the fountains or feed the ducks. Plus we got to learn about construction as we watched the SUPER tall cranes at work unloading port-a-potties from like the 40th floor of the new Devon building! Here are some pics of Ryan, Liv, and cousin Bonnie enjoying the fun evening. (one of these days I'll be in a picture)
Not only is there free music on Sunday, but also there will be Thursday night free concerts in Bricktown every week this summer. And the Classen Curve is having free concerts the first Thursday of every month. I'm so excited! That's two nights a week all summer of free music people!

P.S. Most of these awesome things I learn about from my friends who work downtown for the non profits and chamber of commerce. So thanks Allison, Matt, and Sommer for passing info on to me!

P.P.S. The Dead Center Film Fest starts this week. Not sure if I'll post about it because I'm not sure we'll be attending any with the toddler but we've been in years past and it's great fun too!


Gena said...

That's my quartet! I wasn't there tonight because I had to play with a Community Orchestra on their last concert. I'm sorry I wasn't there to see you guys. Looks like a great turnout.

Sommer said...

Woohoo! Here's the Lower Bricktown list of shows:

And the library lunch time ones:

And it looks like Edmond wanted in on the fun too:|Summer+Concert+Series

H said...

oh my word, that is the sweetest picture of Olivia and Ryan holding hands!

lauren and brad said...

good thing you live in such a hip city you hipster. :)

see you tomorrow! WOO HOO!

Leslie said...

Pop! Isn't that the soda place?

I heart okc.

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