Thursday, June 09, 2011

Reasons I Love OKC

Reason #2: The Zoo!
(Specifically the baby elephant!)

Do you remember this post from 2 summers ago? Well that procreation thing took awhile but now the baby elephant is here and I think we've seen it 4 times already! Just look at how adorable she is!
They have a whole new habitat for the elephants and it's pretty amazing...especially when compared to the cruddy muddy boring cement box they used to have.
We love our zoo pass and have used it in all four seasons. My favorite it still the Okapi but I can never get a good photo of one. Liv's favorite animal is any she can yell "HI!" to.
Sometimes we spend the whole time walking around looking at the animals and sometimes we just spend the whole day at the awesome playground and don't even see any animals!
And of course we love the spray ground in the children's area too!
A few weeks ago we got to see the sea lion show for the first time. Liv enjoyed it and clapped a lot.
It's just a great place to see animals, have fun, get exercise, get Vitamin D, and learn!!

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AM said...

Your fav is the okapi and mine is the giraffes. They are neighbors. So we would make good zoo friends! :)

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