Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trinkets That Make Me Smile: Part I

I'm starting a miniseries today all about the little tchotchkes around my home that make me smile. Some other interesting synonyms for them are gewgaws, knickknacks, kitsch, baubles, lagniappes...which are also all fun words to say but not spell.

First up are my Pot Roosters. They are made of porcelain and I got them separately at 2 different antique places and I use them as coasters.
On the back though many other uses are give: a spoon rest, wall decor, and a hot pad. I guess I'm the only genius that came up for a coaster use!
Then there is my little bird dish that Leslie sent me. It stays on my nightstand and is a great place to put rings when I take them off.
And last for today are these fruit candles carved in Mexico and brought back to me from a previous co-worker whose name I cannot remember but she was very sweet!
I will never burn them though. They are too cute! And I love to smell them. They have been on my desk through 3 different jobs and now they are on my kitchen shelf next to pictures of people I love!

If you feel you need some blog inspiration then join me the rest of this week and photograph some of your favorite trinkets around your house!


Leslie said...

i made it to the first list!!

those first tiles would be cute to incorporate into a retiled bathroom....

JanaGriffis said...

So cute! I might have to steal this idea!

lauren and brad said...

now this is an interesting idea. an explanation of sorts to our husbands why we have so many "things!"

Ryan and Katie said...

Leslie...I have often that about that but for a kitchen redo.

Jennifer said...

Can I tell you how much your blog makes me smile. I love your roosters. Also, in a recent post, you linked to the yarn wreaths you had made for Olivia's room, and I am thinking I need to pay you to make me some. Hey, are you going to be strolling up around Impact anytime the week of the 26th? I'll be there with my church kids.

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