Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trinkets That Make Me Smile: Part II

Welcome to the second edition of trinkets around my house that make me smile. I guess you could also call this "junk I have to dust around" or "hey wanna rob me?" But if you rob me of these things you won't be making much money off of them since none are worth much monetary value. Anyway here are 3 more items to share!

I use to go antiquing a lot before I had a baby. Now I just feel guilty when I spend money on anything that isn't groceries. Plus I just don't have as much interest in it anymore. But you probably didn't know that I have a collection of old compacts/cigarette cases. They sit on our dining room buffet (which is usually covered with various things so they most likely are hidden from your sight) I wanted to start collecting them but the ones I liked were always too expensive so all of the ones in my collection were given to me by other ladies I use to antique with. They would see a unique one for a good deal and buy it for me! Thus my collection started...and I've never bought myself a single one!

Then there is my grandmother's hairbrush and mirror that sits on my dresser. I actually tried to use this on my hair once. Do they even make bristle brushes like this anymore? It's very heavy to hold and I felt like I should be sitting in front of a vanity with a large circular mirror. It does give your hair a nice sheen but it also made mine really poofy.
And lastly is this teeny tiny frame that my dad gave me with a photo of Ryan and I from our wedding day inside. It's like an inch tall. I think it's supposed to be a Christmas tree ornament/teeny frame.
P.S. If you do try to rob me this week you will have to get through not one but TWO guard dogs since we are dog sitting this week. You've been officially warned.

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Anonymous said...

Do you find knick knacks frustrating because you have to pick them up and dust around them every time you clean house? That's how I feel. So that's why the majority of mine are confined to a curio cabinet. I only have to dust the inside of that thing a couple of times a year. But, of course, with all my grandkids I have to wash fingerprints off the glass about twice a week. I'm enjoying your "Trinket" blogs. Love, Mom aka Gma

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