Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trinkets That Make Me Smile: Part III

What there's more of these?! Oh yes. Enough to last a whole year.

Just kidding. But it does seem that way when you're dusting!

This is a hand carved giraffe brought back to me from Africa from my friend Monique in like 4th grade. I love this giraffe and it now sits on one of Olivia's shelves. Thank you Monique...can you believe I still have it?!
Speaking of her shelves (they are full of knickknacks but I won't blog about all of them) this is another item that makes me smile. Crocheted finger puppets by my Gran and a little humpty dumpty given to me by a lady at church.
That's technically 3 things but not 3 pictures so here's another one. These refrigerator magnets all given to me by Erin over the years. The middle one is so true (It says "I'm a looker not a cooker dahling!)
In case you're getting bored of this already don't fret. There's only one left!


Leslie said...

i read that as "crotch" finger puppets.
makes mr. humpty dumpty's wall position kinda funny.

Leslie said...

i feel like this could totally be olivia.

Monique said...

That's awesome you still have the giraffe. I forgot all about giving you that!

Anonymous said...

You could probably open your own tchotchkes shop and start Olivias college fund. You've got some great stuff. But I'll say it again, dusting around them is the pits. Mom aka Gma

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