Thursday, July 07, 2011

46 More Things

I haven't done this in awhile so I thought I'd try to come up with more random things about my life since I haven't done it since here and here. Obviously I'm getting more boring as I get older since I can only come up with 46 instead of 75. It happens.
  1. I cried last week in a hospital lab while a 3 year old I don't even know had his blood drawn and he screamed the whole time
  2. I wouldn't have done that before I was a mother
  3. I like word games.
  4. I drove around town all day last week with my cell phone on the hood of my car and it never flew off...pretty weird but awesome. I did not do this on purpose
  5. My boyfriend in high school always left his car running when he pumped gas. I was always afraid we would blow up, but we never did.
  6. Call me sexist but few things irritate me more than a female sports announcer
  7. People often remark that my daughter reminds me of them not because of her looks but how she acts. I take it as a compliment.
  8. My favorite food is still grilled cheese.
  9. I'm pretty sure I will seek out professional therapy if and when we decide to take another crack at pregnancy.
  10. My labor/delivery left me pretty messed up, more mentally than physically.
  11. I never thought I'd want to be a SAHM. But I love it.
  12. I'm very good at remembering faces and I see this one guy I met at a random church a year ago all over town and it freaks me out. After reading Vonnegut I think he might be in my karass.
  13. I'm so thankful myspace and facebook weren't around when I was a teen. There's enough drama on there now with adults I know! I don't want to imagine the shenanigans that Liv will no doubt get into with the internet.
  14. I am a peacemaker who probably worries about others entirely too much.
  15. The above is the reason I should not spend time on facebook reading people's status updates.
  16. I fasted from the internet for one day last week and I really enjoyed it. I think I might make this a weekly habit.
  17. My roommate in college and I often changed the lyrics of church songs to be about random things and to this day I still remember them and have a hard time singing through them with a straight face in church with the correct lyrics (Jesus you're my firm foundation = Christy is a kleptomaniac)
  18. I need to practice my theme song from High School more often (I don't remember who made it up but it was "Katie don't care, Katie don't care" and care was pronounced "CUR") It's fun to sing when I need to just let go of something.
  19. I would've never been up for any cosmetic surgery a year ago but now that I'm done nursing.....I could see a little lift in my future...if the money just so happened to be there. But then again I don't like doctors. Scratch that.
  20. I have small veins and having blood drawn or IV's placed can be very troublesome. I often congratulate the nurse if they succeed on the first try.
  21. Phlebotomist is a gross word
  22. I love my zumba classes at the gym
  23. I read a lot
  24. I have weird dreams a lot
  25. My life has come full circle now that my daughter is a picky eater and meal time is our biggest challenge of every day. I think no meal ends without someone crying.
  26. I have a journal that I keep my favorite quotes in from books I've read. It's fun to read through.
  27. The mint creme in Mint Oreos is the EXACT same flavor as Orbit Sweet Mint gum. And it is heavenly.
  28. I cannot stand handling raw meat of any kind and have to clorox the whole kitchen when I'm done cooking it.
  29. I call Ryan at least once a week about questionable raw meat appearances before I cook it.
  30. I should prob be a vegetarian but I don't like too many veggies.
  31. I enjoy playing preschool monkey lunchbox on the ipad...don't judge me
  32. I can tell if Olivia is sick by the smell of her breath.
  33. If I'm still awake at 11pm it's inevitable that I'm hungry and I'll have to eat something before I can sleep
  34. I've now been with Ryan so long that I have superimposed him on all my memories of me with any male. Today I actually said remember that time in high school when you....before I realized that was some other guy and I didn't even know Ryan in high school
  35. I have a name block on the name "Ryan" if other people are named this besides my husband I can never remember their name. This includes Ryans that go to my church, are my neighbor, and even are my cousins. But now that I know this about myself I assume if I can't remember someone's name it's probably Ryan and I'm usually right.
  36. I vacillate between loving and hating my house on a weekly sometimes daily basis
  37. I wear my contacts until they are so dry they fall out on their own. I can go months.
  38. My father is an eye doctor who is ashamed of the above statement
  39. I've been wearing contacts since I was 12.
  40. My husband is exactly one foot taller than me.
  41. I have no idea how tall my daughter is or how much she weighs.
  42. I still have 2 baby teeth in my mouth
  43. My daughter pooped in the big potty the other day for the first time!!
  44. I was born with a tail
  45. Just kidding I wasn't. Is anyone still reading this? My guess is Leslie is the only one.
  46. On a previous list I mentioned feeling psychic at times and after reading #75 on the last list I think I might be! (it HAS been almost 3 years...and the first one was 3 years before that!)


Chellie said...

I read the whole thing and thoroughly enjoyed it! I resemble several of your comments and it made me smile.

Tarren and Erin said...

I read the whole thing too. I like numbers 12 and 17 especially. I have a problem remembering made up lyrics to church songs too. We would do that in college and when I sing those songs it always makes me laugh.

Mama Mia said...

I totally get you on #19 and have been trying to drum up the courage to write my own blog post on the topic. I mean, really, why couldn't I have known about all this before? As if my body isn't saggy enough these days...

AM said...

-I was disappointed the tail part was a joke. :)
-I still can not believe the horrifying things your Dr. said and can't imagine how scared you were for your baby and overwhelmed to decide how to best keep her safe. :(
-Your reading inspires me to read more. I'm trying your 50 pages a day.

Shawn and Becky said...

I was waiting to hear how you got rid of the tail . . . maybe that's where your fear from doctors came about . . . guess not. Totally get you on number 19 - mine have just shrunk . . . considerably :)

Erin said...

I about lost it over Christy is a klepto song. I totally forgot about that!! Your list was amazing - I doubt I could come up with even 10 things! You should try the pregnancy thing again - you guys have a beautiful daughter!

Kara Scharrer said...

You totally tricked me with the tail line. I was like, "Whaaaaaat?!?!?!" It was fun to read through your 46 things! I can very much relate to #10 and #34. I tried for four years to move past my birth experience with Maida... still haven't. And I had no idea that anyone else did #34! Haha, Erik thinks it's so weird that I do that!

Leslie said...

TAIL! HA! TAIL!! AND shout out! HA!

There's a sorority drinking song that is to the tune of one of the branches of the military and I sing it at all parades, firework shows,'s embarrassing. And I can't tell my father-in-law.

Ever since my eye blisters, I've taken out my contacts every night. Although I have also worn them since I was 12 (?!), this is the first year I've become skeeved out by eye stuff.

I like that you're contemplating a lift. It's cute...don't know why.

Can't believe your phone's willingness to live. I have zero survival instincts and would have fallen off as you started pulling away from the house.


Leslie said...

and the defiance with which your readers tell you they also read all of your words. :)

okcowgirl421 said...

I read it all! Good list - very entertaining. Perhaps if I ever have time to blog again I'll make a list. Seems like fun. But then I think I'm kind of boring so maybe not...

lauren and brad said...

I read it all! I love that you are my most interesting friend. I MISS YOU.

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