Sunday, July 03, 2011

Book Review

I realize I just did a book review but its'time for another one because 2 of these were very quick reads in a day and if I get more than 5 in a review I start to forget them.

Planting Dandelions was a great memoir written by a self proclaimed "wild child" who settled down to a rather ordinary life as a wife and mother. I loved it and give it a 10. It made me laugh a lot and I probably liked it because I could really relate to the parts about her being a young mother with her mommy play group. It sounded just like our play group last year when all of our babes were newborns. I could not relate to how she met her husband (an affair) who is the father of her 3 sons, but I still enjoyed it. I would recommend it to other moms who like memoirs!

Okay For Now is a fiction book about a boy in the 60's moving to a new town and trying to get acclimated to a new school and the troubles he faces at home. The boy reminded me of the character River Phoenix plays in Stand by Me and also of the boy in the book There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom which I loved as a kid (and probably still do but I haven't read it in about 20 years.) I give it a 9. I really liked it and can't remember who mentioned this book to me but thanks! You will also learn some non fiction information about John James Audubon if you read this. (can I just say that the cover art for this book is all wrong)

How to Bake a Perfect Life was the book club pick this month and despite the cover art that looks like chick lit books that I hate, I enjoyed it! I guess I shouldn't judge a book by the cover. I give it a 7 and although it could def be a Lifetime movie, it still had me turning pages. It did span many years and I found myself more interested in the main character when she was a pregnant teen rather than a struggling businesswoman in her 40's but overall I liked it. I'll leave my lengthy critique for book club though since we haven't met yet and some of the girls might not have read it....I don't want t spoil anything for them!

Other People's Rejection Letters is one of those books like Post Secret or Mortified (which I love) that probably started from a blog or website. It features actual rejection letters to the military, from jobs, from lovers, via email, via snail mail, etc. Some are quite funny. There are even many famous people in them. Like Jimi Hendrix letter getting discharged from the army and a scathing letter F Scott Fitzgerald wrote to his daughter in college basically saying she isn't living up to anything. You could read the whole book in an hour or two. I liked it. I give it an 8.

I Remember Nothing is a compilation of essays (mostly about aging) by Nora Ephron. I enjoy her movies so I thought I might enjoy her essays and I do! Plus they make for a super fast read. I read it in a day. I just randomly picked it off the shelf and saw a bunch of other books in that section of the library that I might like so I think I will be getting more soon. Essays make for short fun reads. I give this one a 10 even though many of the essays were written for people of retirement age to enjoy, I still enjoyed it. And I'll go back and re-read it when I'm 60 and laugh even harder maybe

What are you reading? I've got some more essay style books for the trip to Oregon. Another Nora Ephron one and Free-Range Chickens. (Oh and I finished the Beth Moore Bible study of Esther and really enjoyed it. Now I'm reading Crazy Love by Frances Chan and really liking it as well)


Laura said...

Free Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy... I've laughed through almost the entire book!

AM said...

I'm reading this book called "How to bake a perfect life". Have you heard of it? :) Also reading two books about baby foods, and I have two new ones on reserve at the library I need to go pick up: the pioneer woman's book to take to the beach, and Donald Miller's- A Million miles in a thousand years.

hapi said...

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