Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet the Family

Here's the color coordinated family shots we got at the picnic while in Oregon. Can you find us??Here are Grandma and Grandpa Butcher, the two sweethearts that are to be thanked for all of the beautiful people in all the photos! Pictured with them is Uncle Boyd, their oldest son. Hi Boyd! I know you're a blog fan, don't be too proud to admit it.The Isenberg family took the prize for greatest number. It's rare that we all get to be together and when we do we must take a new photo for Mona's picture frame! I hope she likes red! The Moores came from Idaho, the Kronewitters from down the street, and of course the Okies.The Herman family was all there too, but two people didn't get the orange memo. Or they felt like being rebellious. Kathy and Steve live in the same cul de sac as the Craigs and the Butchers. It's very convenient. Nick has a cool job reading the bills at the state senate or house or something political like that. Chris and Jasmine and Grant traveled the furthest all the way from Massachusetts!The Butcher family is always so photogenic. Uncle Gano is the youngest of the five. Jack just finished his freshman year at Occidental. Aunt Dawn is who I get many of my book recommendations from and she reads my blog although NEVER comments. Come on Dawn....I gave you a shout me some love!The Craig family was missing 5 members for their photo since they just moved across the country, and even though we were all sad they couldn't make it, they still managed to smile for a photo! The Craigs have a koi pond and the fish were spawning while we were there. I learned a lot about fish reproduction. Cousin Kelsey always has fun games for us girls to play late in the evenings while eating junk food and laughing too hard...about our husbands usually.
Now that you've met the family you can look forward to the rest of the Oregon posts and pics. Oh yes there are EVEN MORE Oregon posts to come!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I like red. But I'd love my picture of all my kiddos in any color. I'm just so thankful we could all be there together. Mom aka Gma


What a nice looking family! I'd like to meet them someday. =) The color coded idea turned out great, I think.

Anonymous said...

OK, how can I not step out of "stalker" mode and leave a comment after that plea? You did a great job on the fam photos, Katie, and you know I love reading your blog! I didn't read too much on my NYC trip, but I am looking forward to starting Stone Arabia this afternoon.

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