Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Need something to watch on Netflix?

We don't have cable and the shows we do watch are on network TV. Right now of course they are off for the summer which also helps me get more reading done. I usually go to sleep watching something though. I can't sleep when it's quiet. My brain thinks too many things to calm down when it's quiet. I don't like this about myself, but it is what it is. So usually I fall asleep watching something on my laptop or the ipad on Netflix. These are some of the series I have enjoyed watching over the past few years we have had it (please note it says over the past few YEARS. I have not watched all of these in the last week or even month)
  1. That 70's Show--I never watched this when it was on TV but it's a pretty funny show. I think I watched most of the seasons but once they were done with high school it wasn't as good to me.
  2. Hoarders--when I can't seem to get my house work done I put an episode of this on and it's amazing how fast I start cleaning!
  3. The Office--it's my "go-to show" when I'm sick. And when I was pregnant with morning sickness and/or too fat and lazy to move. I think I've watched all the seasons at least three times.
  4. Dexter--not a great one to fall asleep to since it's about a serial killer but I enjoyed it. It took me like 5 or 6 episodes to get into it though. The acting isn't that great but it grows on you. Season 4 is the clincher and I will never be able to look at John Lithgow the same.
  5. Scrubs--This is the show I'm currently falling asleep to. I'm on the second season and it cracks me up. Does anyone else have a hard time looking at Turk's baby tooth beside his front teeth? (I shouldn't talk I still have 2 baby teeth but they aren't where you notice them as much)
  6. All documentaries--I love them. The most disturbing one I think I've seen is I Think We're Alone Now about two men (well one's a tranny) who are obsessed with the singer Tiffany. The most fascinating one I've seen I blogged about before called In the Realms of the Unreal about Henry Darger.
  7. Yo Gabba Gabba--I don't watch this but when Olivia gets up too early in the morning on Saturdays we cuddle as a family in bed and put this on and she actually watches it and lays still. It's weird but I like it.
  8. Comedy Central Presents--There are like 300 comedians you can watch on demand and although some are too crass, some are really hilarious. I liked falling asleep to these.
  9. Friday Night Lights--Wow I did not think I would like this show and I did. A little too much. I developed a severe crush on Tim Riggins and started dreaming about him. Which seems inappropriate since he's a high school student on the show...but it real life he's my age so it's ok. Oh wait I'm married so no it's not. Ryan forgives me.
  10. Lockdown--a true life look inside maximum security prisons. Another one that wasn't really good to fall asleep to but it fascinated me.
  11. Deadliest Catch--who knew crab fishing could be so fun to watch?!
  12. Pawn Stars and American Pickers--I lump these two together because they are similar and I enjoy learning about all the junk
  13. SNL past episodes--it's fun to go back and laugh at the hilarious skits that made you laugh years ago.
  14. This American Life--the guy's voice is a bit annoying (as is everyone's on NPR in my opinion) but when you get over that, then the show is good.
I believe all of these are available on demand so you don't even have to wait for a dvd in the mail! This concludes the Netflix portion of the blog. I was not paid by any of these people to promote their shows....but if someone wants to pay me I'll take it!


trish said...

i also became obsessed with friday night lights via netflix. then realized the last season was still on friday nights and i am SO upset this next friday is the finale. the return of tim riggins last week was almost too much for me. oh, and i don't even like football. like, at all. p.s. i think tami taylor is the best mom ever.

Anonymous said...

Be on the look out for American Pickers. You know they came to your hometown not long ago, but not sure when the episodes will air!

Erin said...

We are addicted to Pawn Stars. (Don't say it too fast because it might come out as something else...) we only have 8 episodes left and are wondering what else we'll watch. Thanks for the suggestions!!

Leslie said...

Porn stars! Ha, I did it, Erin!

Did you ever watch SportsNight? It's an oldie, but a goodie and has plenty of recognizable actors. By Aaron Sorkin so lots of the same players as all of his other shows. Pilot is a little rough, but gets better!

hmm...now that I've done one recommendation, I'll add more:

Shows on Hulu now:
-covert affairs (female CIA agent...she was the main girl in coyote ugly?)
-in plain sight (female witness protection agency agent)

-my dog (slow, slow, slow documentary, but if you like dogs, cute)
-jack & bobby (writers associated with aaron sorkin...and maybe dawson's creek?)
-dirty, sexy, money
-eli stone

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