Sunday, July 17, 2011

Newberg Scavenger Hunt

My favorite activity from the family reunion in Oregon was quite possibly the scavenger hunt Mona arranged for us where we split up into groups and drove around finding different places that held important meaning to the Butcher family. Our group stepped it up a notch and acted out what happened at each location before we took the picture for proof that we were there. It's a small town, but in that small town Gma and Gpa lived in over 30 houses!! (they flipped them and moved on) Don't worry we didn't go to ALL of them.
Here are a few of the highlights:
This was the church of Christ where Gma and Gpa were married. It's a thrift store now.
(Can I just give a shout out to Aunt Ruth and her Curves shirts! She's done over 600 workouts there!)
This is the home where their wedding reception was.
This bank parking lot used to be a hospital where at least one of those 5 kids was born but I don't remember who at this point.
This is one of the homes they lived in when one of the babies was born
This is a paint store they used to own where Gma thought Chris accidentally swallowed paint thinner when he was like 3.
This is the school where many family members went. Aunt Ruth gives a mean paddling!
This is a house where they owned their first piano.
This river is special to many of you but you may not know why. It's the Willamette River. Gpa was baptized here but you probably crossed it 100 times playing Oregon Trail when you were 10.
There were more schools, houses, hospitals, and gravesites but this gives you a taste of the fun shenanigans we got into with our cousins Chris and Jasmine and Aunt Ruth! Best Team ever!

Fun Fact: That towel came in handy as a photo prop as you'll see in most of the above photos. The only reason I had it is because I woke up with a horrible crick in my neck and I used it as a neck brace while we drove around town. That crick led to me getting a professional massage later in the day which helped until I was home and got to see my chiro.


The Moores said...

So much awesomeness in this post. You guys are hilarious!


So creative. I am truly impressed everytime I see these. =) I think the best part is Aunt Ruth's participation!

Anonymous said...

And now you know so much more about our sleepy little town. I loved the pictures. Hope your neck is all better now. Love ya, Gma aka Mom

Kelsey said...

Over 600 workouts?! Man she's awesome! Hahaha I love this post in so many ways! I especially love the one where you're delivering Jasmine's baby. You are talented on so many levels!

Leslie said...

professional massage....sometimes it's funny to think about what the opposite of that would be (ew, just became not funny and instead, gross).

awesome work with your cake making, friend. i want to be your neighbor.

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