Sunday, July 10, 2011

Newsletter: 22 Months

Dear Olivia,
I can't believe you are almost 2! Actually I can believe it since you have been throwing some 2-year-old style tantrums lately. Once your mind is made up about something there is no convincing you otherwise, any ideas tossed out are met with furious head shaking and "NOOOOOO's," anything I offer you is thrown, there is screaming and kicking of legs and it's best to just walk away until it's out of your system and you come running back to me a few minutes later happy again!
But don't think tantrums are the main thing that marks this month! Your entertaining streak has definitely come out even more, as I think is apparent in the photo below. You like to be the center of attention and your timing is impeccable. You wait until there is a large crowd, then usually find a table to stand on, and proceed to dance or give your hilarious fake laugh until everyone is watching and egging you on even more. You wait until it's completely silent at church during a prayer and then release a deep fake laugh that makes everyone's heads turn. It still takes you a bit to warm up to strangers but once you do, you might as well have known them forever!
Your adventurous spirit has come out even more and I have a hard time getting you to stay with me in public. I'm beginning to understand those little backpack leashes people have! (But I don't plan on getting you one) You just love to run around and explore but you don't watch out for people very well. In the airport yesterday if you managed to get out of your stroller you ran full speed like a pinball bouncing off of strangers and their luggage while I chased after you yelling to STOP! You got in trouble every time, but still did it over and over again. Being still is hard to do at this age but please don't let me lose you in public!
We just returned from a trip to Oregon and the highlight of course was watching you with your cousins. I will have to have a whole post dedicated to you and Alice because you two were sooo cute! She tried to teach you more vocabulary and I think you tried to teach her how to scream at the top of her lungs. Only the latter worked.
You still have a hard time expressing yourself through words and there is a lot of pointing, pulling, grunting, and tears when you become frustrated. I can sometimes figure it out and when I do it's amazing how fast you stop your crying and just look at me and go "YES!" (or actually yethhh) You are adding words slowly but surely and I know the day is around the corner when you will be a walking commentary of all activity like your cousin Alice!
Despite the EXTREME heat and humidity we are still playing outside lots but it's mostly just in the morning. Then we must hide in air conditioning or face heat stroke. The zoo is still a favorite spot and I've started letting you walk more and just climb in the stroller when you want. I'm amazed how far you can walk around that place! The nap you take after a morning there is also pretty amazing!
This month instead of running to me when I pick you up from Bible class, or Mother's Day Out, or the gym daycare you just look at me and go "nooooo" then usually plant yourself on the floor and grab toys to keep playing with. Sometimes you act like you're coming with me then grab a friend's hand like you'll only leave if they can come with you. I'm glad I don't have to worry about you having fun while I'm away but can you pretend to be happy to see me again?
You've also started having a really hard time waking up from your naps. I'm not sure if you're taking too long of one or too short of one but I can expect about 30 min-an hour of unexplained whining sometimes. Usually I just sit in the chair in your room until you're done thrashing and crying and kicking. Then you'll hold your arms out to me to get you out like nothing happened. It's baffling, but I know it's a phase just like everything else has been!
Some happenings this month include a poop in the potty (that may have been a fluke but we cheered so hard anyway), a constant need for you to be pulling at your bellybutton (I think it's a comforting thumb sucking type thing and you can get pretty distressed if you have a onesie on and can't touch it), still occasionally asking to nurse (I have to distract you somehow when this occurs), making your dolls kiss each other repeatedly then you kissing them repeatedly (so cute but I was a bit taken aback when I saw this!), holding hands with friends, saying "NO MINE" a lot more often, being very aware of booboo's on yourself and others, giving great big hugs and kisses without being asked.
Despite the moments I see a "Terrible Two" coming out in you there are so many moments I see you becoming a wonderful person as well. You still love to help with chores, you love to pat and comfort any upset baby, you will share and use your manners and those sweet moments always outweigh the rough tantrums. You are my pride and joy, little girl.
I love you,


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I got to be with you on your 22 month birthday since I won't be there on your 2nd. Be sure and tell Mommy and Daddy what you want Grandma to send you. Please don't grow between now and the next time I see you. Grandma loves you and misses you and your parents very much. And tell your parents I think they are doing a wonderful job raising my sweet girl. Love, Grandma


YOu know mom was probably weeping as she wrote that right?. =) I am so glad you guys were able to come and visit, getting to spend time with Olivia (and you too, but you already know me) was wonderful. She is such a sweet and adventureous litte girl and so much fun to be around! You are doing a wonderful job! Love you guys! Miss you already.

kmom said...

Looking forward to soon being with Katie and Olivia for 2 weeks! Love, Grammy

The Moores said...

I need to say thanks to Liv for also teaching Alice to do hand waving while saying "No". I didn't realize she picked that up until yesterday when she did it about 3 times. Too funny!

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