Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Oregon Coast: Lincoln City

I don't know how many of you have ever been to the Oregon coast but it's not "the beach" in the sense that most people think of "the beach." It's usually gray, cloudy, and freezing cold. But still fun none the less! It actually was pretty nice while we were there with the Moores but I still kept my sweatshirt on.
We ate at Moe's first.
Alice tried to teach Liv how to like ketchup and clam chowder.
I'll let you guess how that went over.
Then we played on the beach by Moe's which is more like a delta, or an inlet, or something I learned about in social studies in 5th grade but can't remember the right vocabulary word for it.
Where else can you have sand, ocean, river, and Mountains all in one place?!
The kids played in the sand, built castles, chased frisbees, made tunnels for the water, you know, the normal beachy activities.

Look at my baby the last time we took her to the coast.
Then Ryan ate some taffy he bought and it was really stringy so Carrie took this picture of him eating it, but it didn't show up too well.....
Wait a minute. Enhance that shot.
Say what?! I don't think we could've gotten that shot if we tried!
Then guess who slept on the way home.
And here is a very windy video of Liv running in the sand


Anonymous said...

It looks like Grandma missed a fun time at the beach. I am DEFINITELY going next time (though I did get alot accomplished that day). I'll be sure and get Olivia a hat to keep her beautiful hair out of her face next time too. Love ya, Gma aka Mom

dshrock said...

these pics are great! looks like you had a great time! there are no words for ryan's pic.

The Moores said...

Ahhh, good times. Glad you guys got to go with us!

lauren and brad said...

Oh kate. you crack me up. that pic of ryan has me laughing out loud.

We love that Moe's! :)

also, that top pic is the BEST pic of mom/dot ever!

Leslie said...

butt licker!!

(and yes, i feel guilty for calling ryan names....but that's what he's doing so it's the truth!!)

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