Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"That Baby"

We were parents of "that baby" on a plane ride from Portland to Denver the other day while we were in a holding pattern in the sky due to weather. My daughter took a long glorious nap in her father's lap, but woke up in her usual style--a train wreck. We tried to contain the flailing limbs so as not to kick or push a seat in front of us, but the tears and wails went on for quite a while. We had to stay in our seats because of the weather and any attempts to calm her made her more angry. No option left but to ride it out...or smother her cries with a flotation device but that's not really healthy. All in all it probably lasted 30 minutes.
Then I saw this article on a kid blog I read and I was a bit astounded. Who does this?! All I can think is the person who has time to do this while packing and traveling with children cares ENTIRELY too much about what others think about them. Possibly an unhealthy amount. And I'm a people pleaser so I get where the intention comes from but this takes it to a whole new level. I can see apologizing or saying you're sorry, but a baby is a baby. Bring headphones or earplugs when you travel. What are your thoughts on this?
Thankfully my daughter was a breeze on the other 3 flights we had this trip. The ipad, window views, plenty of snacks, and barf bag paper puppets kept her well entertained. When she needed to wiggle, she ran the aisles (or tried to and usually ended up ricocheting back and forth off the arm rests the whole way down...did you know my daughter was a clumsy? Because she is).
Now I'm just sorting through the hundreds of photos and trying to figure out how to break down all the fun we had in separate posts! I'm going to try to take it easy these next few days because Liv and I are about to head out again for a few weeks. Maybe I'll make those little treats for the next flight....HA....remember my theme song....Katie don't cur, Katie don't cur. (but I would never sing that out loud on a plane--just in my head.)


Valerie said...

I'm with you--kids are kids. We don't need to apologize for them. (Brazil is great about this!)

I do my best to wear Jackson out at the gate--I keep a beach ball in the carryon so I can inflate it and let him chase it around. The other passengers sometimes glare at him; you can tell they're thinking, "I hope I don't have to sit next to that kid." But when we actually get on the plane, he's got most of his wiggles out and he's nicely behaved.

(Which makes up for the rest of the time, when he really is "that kid".)

Kelsey said...

Oooohhhh no! My worst fear! I'm sorry. Lots of sympathy for you, from me! I'm just glad you made the trip...so I could be entertained by your random comments and honesty and your daughters fake laugh! So dang funny! I miss you guys already.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful hair. And such a sweet beautiful girl. Glad you made the trip safely and pooh on all those people who get upset with crying babies on planes. Babies cry. That's life. Just don't let her say "bye bye plane". Love ya, Mom aka Gma
P.S. Maybe I'll tackle the room tomorrow.

Shawn and Becky said...

Cameron's usually been pretty good on flights, but every once in a while he screams and well I just don't get embarrassed by it anymore. He's a kid. I do come armed with suckers, to bribe Cameron with - not other passengers . . . and to help his ears since he doesn't nurse or use a pacifier.

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