Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Years...Really?!

Chester County Class of 2001
I don't know what's weirder: that I graduated high school 10 years ago, or that I've lived in Oklahoma 10 years. Either way there was a celebration for this fact at a country club in TN this weekend and although I really decided at the very last minute, I'm glad I went. And I'd like to thank this lady because I wouldn't have made the 9 hour journey by myself, and my hubby and daughter weren't exactly eager to accompany me. Sorry class of 2001, they just don't know you like I know you.Courtney and I had some serious girl talk for 18 hours and the trip flew by. I think I want to make all road trips with her from now on. We had the book of 4000 questions just in case we needed it, but we didn't. AND she even belted out the Oklahoma state song with me when we crossed the border. Sadly she didn't know Rocky Top but maybe I'll teach her. We arrived at 5:30 on Friday to my sister's house and immediately got ready for a little dinner/ baby shower for Celeste with some girlfriends I hadn't seen in a LOOONG time. It was so much fun. Plus it was like a little pre-party before Saturday night! Then I was lazy all day Saturday until Erin came over and we got all dolled up to leave. She was my date for the evening.I'm glad I wore the black dress because I think we were supposed to judging by my friends' attire. Except for Emily who missed the memo. The stories these girls could tell on me...But I could tell stories on them right back!I'm not gonna lie, it was a little weird at first when everyone started arriving, but after a bit it got more fun and it was good to catch up with everyone.
See Desiree you made the blog!!! (we blog stalk one another)

Here is Desi pictured with the man voted "most changed" of the evening. Can anyone guess who he is??

I'm really glad Celeste was there because I didn't take hardly any pics and I stole all of hers off of facebook in order to have this post. Oh yeah and because she's still one of my best friends.

It was a very late evening but Courtney and I managed to still leave by like 8:30 on Sunday to head back to OKC. I think the surprising fact for most people was when they asked me what I did. I think they assumed I was a doctor or engineer or something, because I was a bit of a brainiac in school. So when I told them this is what I did all day long...
....They were surprised. But I wouldn't change it for the world and I was so glad to make it home to my little lady and husband last night. It was a fast and furious weekend but I'm glad I went and can look forward to seeing these people at the next one!! Or maybe some of them at Thanksgiving when I'm home again!


Anonymous said...

I love the video. Every kid needs to know at least one person with a bed they are allowed to jump on. Ben's hat is adorable on him too. Glad you're home safe and also glad you had a great time and the trip was worth it. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Anonymous said...

P.S. And again, Katie, you are the prettiest one in all the pictures. (No offense to all your friends.) Mom

Nola's Journey said...

Finally! :)

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