Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to Fort Wayne

Ok before I was so rudely interrupted by a birthday AND newsletter (the NERVE of some posts!) I was telling you about our adventure to the Hoosier State. When we weren't getting dolled up for the wedding we went out to eat with the whole family so I could catch up on my cousins' lives. Do you know how weird it is to me that most of them have jobs and their own place to live and stuff? So weird.
At least we still were at the "kid" table. Here's the adult table (Liv and Elijah got to eat with them). Those crazy adults used to bring out secret desserts after we kids went to bed, then when we got older we got to partake of them, then it got to the point where I think the kids were staying up later than the adults. Oh life. Our hotel had a pool so there was much swimming but since I wasn't sure what my leprosy was I let Aunt Amy take Olivia around. This is about the cutest family photo there ever was and I think it shows that Elijah is a pretty good mix of both his parents!
Everyone knows pools don't really get you clean and it was definitely time for some pay back with bath time photos. (sorry Wes, more nudity on the blog) This would be me and Kelly when we were little kids. (I'm on the left, she's the one with the questionable hair do)
We both have better hair now. (I'm still on the left)
And now here are our kids being subjected to the same humiliation!
I'm so glad Liv and Elijah got to meet. They had fun playing together.
And Elijah even taught Olivia to smile for the camera as I'm sure you will see in upcoming photos (and in the first photo of yesterday's post!) And I had fun catching up with my long lost cousin! Remember when I was in her wedding? The blog remembers when.
After the reception we got to hang out more, and Mary Kate and Kelly tried to convince me dinosaurs were real with the use of hand puppets. It didn't work. Such a rookie move.
And more QT with the GGrents.
It wasn't a very long visit but it will have to do until the next wedding I guess!


Anonymous said...

Aren't cousins great. I hope you will be close for a lifetime. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way. I hope you guys won't let that happen. I guess that's what family reunions are for. I hope your leprosy (or whatever) is getting better. Kiss my sweet girl for me. Love, Mom aka Gma

Leslie said...

wait a second is the bowl-lett cut a mistake? i mean, it's long in the back, right? kelly, your hair is so pretty now!!

also, i can't remember. ryan believes in dinosaurs, right?

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