Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Book Review

Free Range Chickens and Ant Farm are both hilarious little books I picked up off the shelf because I like to think that I can judge a book by it's cover and I judged correctly. They're humorous books of quirky jokes that you can read in an hour and the author is younger than me, I think, and he's the youngest writer ever hired on SNL. One of them he wrote while still in college.I laughed out loud and read many things to Ryan. It's super short and clever and I give it a 10 and recommend it to those with a sense of humor.

While the above books caught my eye on the library shelf, I also noticed a book by Demetri Martin (called This is a Book) and thought I'd check it out since his comedy makes me smile. The funny chapters are in the same style as his comedy routine but some of them I thought would be better performed than read. And some of them went on a little too long. I enjoyed his drawings most of all. If you like him as a comedian you will probably like this book and I give it an 8.5

Editha's Burglar is a book I got in Oregon when Ryan's grandmother was giving the family a show and tell of items around her house that have special meaning. It's written by the same woman who wrote The Secret Garden and this particular book was found under a porch of a house Ryan's Gpa remodeled way back in the day. They kept the book and Gma used to read it to the kids. It's a cute short book about a precocious child who confronts a burglar in her home with good intentions to not let him take any of her parents things (because it would upset them) so she offers him her possessions instead. I don't want to give Olivia any ideas, but maybe when she's older I will read it to her. I won't rate it because it's a family treasure, therefore it's priceless.

I feel bad about my neck is another Nora Ephron book with essays about being a woman and becoming older. Once again it was humorous, but I'm sure I'd get a bigger kick out of it in about 30 years. I enjoyed it though and give it a 9. You can read this one in about an hour or two also. It probably makes a good gift for anyone turning 40 or 50 or 60 or one of those decade milestone ages. Speaking of which maybe I should buy it for my dad...except it's geared more towards women. If I find the male comparison to this book I'll let you know. But I don't think I'm prepared to read about humorous prostate problems and Cialis. ANYWAY.....

The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a book that was all over Powell's and so I checked it out at the library. It was also a choice for book club this month, but they voted for another book which I will review AFTER we have our meeting because it really is cheating to review it before hand. Anyway I really liked certain parts of this book but overall it was a bit too philosophical for me and the ending took a way weird turn in my opinion. I liked the overall theme of how you can find things in common with all sorts of people in life and I liked the characters and setting and plot, but nothing really drew me into the book. But it's possible it's because I was reading it at the same time as my journals. I give it a 6.

My Journals. I had to quit reading them. It was getting too ridiculous. Seriously. If I read them any longer I was going to have to lock Olivia up for fear that she would turn into the boy crazy spastic hormonal time bomb that I was. I read a few excerpts to my mom and sister one day and my mom said "I should've made you be in band or something." I obviously had too much time on my hands. I'd look up entries about my first kiss or a break up with a boyfriend thinking there would be SOMETHING I could post on here that you could share in a good laugh with me but the truth is it would have to be edited so much---with footnotes to somehow explained all the slang terms I used--and I went from so many emotions in one entry I'm convinced I was bipolar. I refuse to rate them since they aren't real literature. And because I'm too embarrassed...and I don't embarrass easily.

Now that I've put away the journal anthology I can get back to "real" reading. And I've started on Stiff. It's gonna be a good one. How do I know? Because Aunt Dawn recommended it to me and I'm already 25 pages into it and loving it. What are you reading?


Michelle said...

I read 4 James Patterson's Alex Cross boils. Loved them! I also read The Help, which I liked as well!

Michelle said...

That was supposed to be books....

Katie Bl said...

My mom said that The Elegance of the Hedgehog was the best book she's read in at least ten years. I still have yet to read it, but your review lowers my expectations. I think that's good.

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