Monday, August 08, 2011

La Boda de Mi Primo

Translation: The Wedding of my Cousin.
Don't worry the whole post isn't in Spanish, but the title is because my cousin Erica married a Spaniard in a beautiful ceremony in Fort Wayne, where she used to live before she got a flair for international living. She was a gorgeous bride! Each side of the family was well represented and the officials who led the ceremony in English and Spanish did a magnificent job. The Collins family was well represented and was only missing 2 members, my husband and my cousin Greg. Can you believe we all used to stay in one house at Christmas time?! (Funny story, at a UM basketball game we all attended one time, they put "welcome Collins Clan" up on the board at half time, and we started to cheer until we realized it said Collins Klan. Not cool people, not cool)I used to see these people at least once a year at Christmas in Michigan but now with family in TN and OR and limited time and money, I don't get to see them as much as I'd like to. And thanks to another horrible flight, with a toddler, by myself, I'm not sure I'm chomping at the bit to do another anytime soon. So the rest of you cousins just stay single awhile longer until my child can behave better on a plane! Which will be hard considering how handsome and available some of them are. For example.....I'd like to share this next photo with a story about my mother. Most people cry at certain times during a wedding. The most popular I would assume are when the bride walks down the aisle, maybe when the father gives his daughter away, perhaps the vows or even the kiss. But not usually during this moment....During the SIGNING of the certificate is when my mother leans over and says, "This is the part that always makes me cry." Really? I believe her words were "because it's so final at this point!" I love my mom. Good thing we didn't sign a certificate in our ceremony or she might've been a basket case!
Liv got to bond more with her great grandparents and meet most of the family for the very first time.
Apparently great minds think alike because look how many people tried to copy my look at the wedding? How rude?! Just kidding. I'm glad there are photos of me in this dress because I'm afraid it got shrunk in the wash so unless I can stretch it out....or shrink more, I won't be wearing it anytime soon. I think this was Liv's first wedding and she took it all in. Especially the blowing bubbles part.
A long time ago, on many family vacations, strangers used to always ask my sister and I if we were twins. I mean we are both incredibly gorgeous but I don't see the twin thing.
We got lots of great family photos, I'm just bummed Ryan isn't in any of them. Maybe I'll photoshop him in so when I look back in 20 years I'll think he was there! No, I won't be able to fool myself. I'll forever remember that lonely flight trying to contain a screaming toddler alone.
Congratulations Erica and Isma! I wish you much happiness in your life together! And I'll save a trip to Spain to visit for later on when I can ditch my kid at her grandparents for longer periods of time!


Anonymous said...

You can ditch that kiddo with me ANYTIME. The sooner the better. Go ahead and visit those newlyweds in Spain. I really need an Olivia fix. Christmas can't come soon enough. Is her hair really as blonde as it looks in these pictures and when I skyped today? And I'm not biased at all but I personally think you were the prettiest lady in the "matching dresses" picture. No offense to all the other lovely ladies. Love ya, Mom aka Gma P.S. My word verification was "palin". Is that supposed to be subliminal political advertising?

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry. I'll stay single for a little I think, haha. I'll just have to take a road trip down to OK to visit or something!


Sandra said...

Erica and all the family are so glad you and Olivia made the challenging trip! Though I look at your blog and videos from time to time, it isn't the same as seeming the real live personalities. Erica gets back to Spain from her honeymoon later today-maybe get to talk to her tomorrow. BTW- Now that I know people in Oklahoma, my ears perk up when I hear reports. You sure are in the news a lot for weather! Love, Aunt Sandra

Erin said...

My respect for you has skyrocketed (not that it wasn't already high) because since I took a flight recently with my toddler, I can't believe you did that alone. Many props and I hope you got a good nap later!!

Leslie said...

klan = ha!
your mom = ha!
shrinking clothes = haha! (could you soak it and wear it again while wet to stretch it? does that work?)

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