Monday, August 01, 2011


For those of you who enjoy my physical ailments in life, here's the latest from Our Lady of Perpetual Sickness

(To the tune of yesterday)
All my skin is falling off of me
I'm not half the woman I used to be
Oh I believe
In Leprosy

Right before we left for our Indiana/Tennessee adventure I noticed what I thought were bug bites on my torso. They seemed to be spreading a bit, but I wasn't concerned. By the time we had been in Indiana one night I had horrible itchy welts all over my abdomen and was about to scratch my skin raw. I took a pic with my cell phone and emailed it to my nurse friend who said it might be scabies. WHAT?! Isn't that a 3rd world country disease for people who don't bathe? Apparently not, but it's not what I had. I went to the dr. when I got home to TN who gave me a steroid shot and pills and said whatever I had come in contact with was making me have an allergic reaction. So I'm washing all my clothes and trying to figure out what I'd done or eaten in OK right before we left but nothing specific came to mind. Unfortunately the shot and pills did nothing and the rash was getting worse and itching more so I called the dr. back 3 days later and said uh...what do I do now? I went back in and got ANOTHER shot and MORE steroids. So now I'm all jittery, could run a marathon, eat an entire buffet, lift a car, and want to punch everyone in the face all at the same time, because I have roid rage. (and two sore cheeks from two shots) But after a week and a half it's finally subsiding and I'm no longer bathing in calamine lotion every hour on the hour. I did not take a picture for you, but just imagine the scene from The Exorcist where she lifts her shirt and someone has scrawled "help me" on her stomach. I have no idea what I came in contact with which leaves me with 2 conclusions: either it was leprosy, or I was possessed by the same demon Linda Blair had. The End.

P.S. I'm really trying hard to find appropriate excerpts to share with you from my journaling days but they are either 1-too mortifying 2-too boring or 3-are about other people that may not want me blogging about their business. We'll see.


Leslie said...

what the what?!

Anonymous said...

Just change the names to protect the not so innocent. Mom aka Gma P.S. Glad you're getting better.

Shawn and Becky said...

Oh Katie you make me laugh - not at your leprosy but at your writing. I had a rash in high school all over my stomach that went out like a christmas tree. The fix - sunshine! And since it was winter in Oregon I had to go to a tanning bed. But it worked. So glad you're feeling better!

Erin said...

I got a steriod shot in my butt once and it killed a one inch circle of my skin. Never again. Cuz now my butt has a dimple in it!

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