Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Roomie is Getting Married!

One of my college roomies that is. It had been so long since I had been to a personal shower that I think I blushed a bit at the phallical food and games. I'm so old. But I'm so happy for my friend and wish I could be there at the wedding, but it just so happens to be on my daughter's bday...oh yeah AND it's in Turks and Caicos. That wasn't in the birthday budget, so we'll just have to celebrate when she gets back!
Kelli threw my personal shower a long long time ago, back when we lived on Chinaberry Lane with Allicatdin, Erin, Puppyloo, and Mrs. Nesbitt. You'll be happy to know Puppyloo is still alive and well and I saw her at the shower. Don't worry Erin and Allison are alive too, but I'm not sure about Nessy.
I did not go to the second half of the bachelorette evening, although I'm sure it was fun, I had been away from my family all day and had a major hankering for some quality time with this wee one.
We watched Potty Power (for the gazillionth time...she's borderline obsessed...I might have to steal it from the library) and read many many books whilst sitting upon the potty. I kept thinking one of these days she'll have a personal shower and I will cry and reminisce of the days we sang "Potty Power." Now let's go listen to Slipping Through My Fingers and cry some more.....


ktsdad said...

Yes, she will and, yes, you will, then she'll give you a grandchild that brings as much joy to you as Olivia brings to her four grandparents and His plan goes on:-)

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that Olivia sits on the potty long enough to look at a book. Is she putting anything in the potty (that belongs there)?

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