Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newsletter: 23 Months

Dear Olivia,
You just might as well be 2 because 23 months is so close that I go ahead and say you are 2, but in reality I want you to stay my little baby a wee bit longer! This month you have blossomed a lot. When we returned from our trip away from daddy he thought you looked at least 4.
You are talking much more now and although it's not always understandable, I love your conversation skills. You have started saying many of the words you were just signing and while in Tennessee you said "thank you" so many times it almost drove me nuts. But if there's a phrase to keep repeating I suppose that's about the best one there is! You will repeat almost any word we ask you to say but you still can't come up with the words on your own most of the time. You can say about everyone's name in the family but Grammy is still hard to say so you call her mommy too.
You've also started playing "mommy" to your baby dolls a lot and you carry them around, dress them, undress them, grab your purse and your baby and act like you're headed out the door, you say "hi" and "bye" to them, kiss their fore heads, toes, mouths, and have conversations with them. I brought 2 of my baby dolls home from TN for you to keep, and you love them so much I might wrap them up for your birthday. Don't judge me...I can only do this for a few more years probably before you catch on!
On the long car ride home from TN you spent at least 2 hours simply taking a diaper on and off your baby doll over and over and over again. We didn't even need the yogurt melts or ipad you were so enamored with diapering a baby!
This month you picked up the bad habit of picking your nose. Which I don't mind terribly as long as it's not up there 24/7 but where you learned to EAT your boogers, I'm not sure and that is not ok...for health reasons and social reasons. So we are working on breaking that asap.
There have been record temperatures for quite awhile in Oklahoma and during the worst of it we were gone to Grammy and Poppa's, but we still managed to have fun outside either early in the morning or late in the day. We played in the sprinkler and even got to go swimming a few times. You love to jump off the side into someone's arms and watching other people swim cracks you up for some reason!
When we are home you still love to play in the sand box but your favorite activity is moving the furniture around outside. You will literally spend an hour just picking up your kiddie chairs and placing them in various places all over the yard, sitting in them, and moving them again all while saying "this right there, this right there." I like to think that you got it from your interior designer mother.
You continue to be a ham and love to play the copy cat game with other where you make a facial expression or to do something with your hands and they copy you. You entertained all our friends at the restaurant last night with your silly expressions and eventual table dancing...let's face it, if there's a table low enough and an audience, you will try to stand on it and shake your booty. At some point I probably need to break this habit too but it's pretty cute when you're 2! (see I did it again, but you're NOT 2)
You're sleeping great and napping great but you are not waking up great. Your naps have been so lengthy lately that I've had to wake you up from them so you will sleep in the evening and that's not fun for anyone. You are usually a basketcase and we have to cuddle for a looooong time until you're ready to play. I don't mind the cuddling one bit though.
Potty training is in the early stages right now and we realized it was time to start when I found pee pee in your potty and neither your dad nor I saw you do it! You apparently sat on your little potty after a bath and went without either one of us knowing! So the next night I simply said I'd give you yogurt melts if you sat down and peed on your potty, and you immediately did it! I really wasn't sure you grasped the concept but since you do, when we're home the pants are off, there are blankets on the couches, and the yogurt melts are on hand!
We were away from your daddy for 2 weeks this month while we went to Indiana and Tennessee for some weddings and although you did pretty great you did have some melt downs when you noticed he wasn't around and I had to remind you we'd see him soon. You would cry and wail sometimes after naps or in the morning and just keep saying "Daddy, daddy, daddy" over and over until I wanted to cry too. We skyped with him and when we couldn't you would look at pictures of him on the computer. When you saw him again you clung to his neck so tight (I did too!) and didn't want to let him out of your sight.
The beginning party planning thoughts are swimming through my mind for your 2 year old bash and if I really stop to consider you being 2 years old it makes my brain hurt, so I won't think about things sentimentally just yet and I'll just enjoy this last month of your 1 year old self! I love you sweet pea!



Erin said...

Haylie also is fascinated with her nose and even puts her hair up in it. It's so frustrating so let me know how you break the nose habit!!

Chellie said...

Actually, eating them isn't a health concern. Nate googled boogers once and found that they actually help build immunity! Gross I know and I still wouldn't want my kiddo to eat them either. We taught B to feed them to Brownie.

Allison Harms said...

I just love your newsletters! Hopefully I can be this on top of things when my little one comes. The part about Olivia missing her Daddy made me tear up a bit! She is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again, I have the most adorable, precious, beautiful (& handsome), smartest, sweetest grandkids in the entire world. I miss that baby girl. Happy 23 months Olivia. Love loads and loads, Gma

Anonymous said...

Katie, I just started reading your blog not too long ago and just LOVE all the stories you tell on Olivia! She is growing up so fast. I can't even remember the last time I saw her or you for that matter. I am so excited to see you this weekend though at my personal shower. BTW I am anticiapting Sept. 10th and cannot wait for it to get here...but only because it is my wedding day, not just Liv's birthday :)

Your old roomie :)

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