Sunday, August 14, 2011

The part that wasn't a wedding

I was in Henderson for 2 weeks awaiting the wedding of another cousin. That's a lot of time to kill in a small town. Luckily I had a few people to catch up with and I had my camera on hand for a few of them....
You know I can't go to Tennessee without seeing the bff Celeste. She's expecting a baby in November so we did lots of nursery talk, shopping, eating, and even had a good old fashioned slumber party at her house one night.

Then of course we spent lots of time at Southern Oaks visiting Poppy. We even got to partake in the singing class one day. I thought Liv might like to clap and sing along but she preferred to play on the geriatric exercise bike. One night we went to Lexington to see my favorite teacher from high school, Mrs. Hall. She taught all the family consumer science classes and I took them all because she was so fun. I got married in her class, learned to sew, and got to be a mom for a day with a crying plastic baby doll. I also had her for Biology because it's a small town and I think they ran out of teachers. We did lots of crafty things in that biology class! She got to meet Olivia (who is way more time consuming than that plastic baby doll was that I could lock in a closet and forget about!) and even made her two sweet little dresses.

I actually got to attend a shower for Bonnie while I was home. They threw a Christmas in July shower and we all got to bring her ornaments and Christmas recipes for her and Randall's first Christmas together. I thought it was a cute idea! Can you tell who married into the family? That would be the tallest one and the shortest one. We got to go to the park a few times but had to wait until it was scorching hot outside. Liv loved to swing on the big swing.

And of course scare us all with her ladder climbing skills. It floors me every time she makes it to the top without almost killing herself (but someone's always near by just in case). I didn't think kids were supposed to be that coordinated until like 4!

My friend Jessica brought her little boy over one day and Liv enjoyed having a friend to play ring around the rosies with. She even taught him how to jump off the furniture which I'm sure Jessica appreciated.

My mom bought Liv this fun sprinkler to play with, which came in handy since it was 100+ degrees there everyday. It was cooler in the morning and evenings though which helped some. She also enjoyed helping Papa water the flowers each day but I never got a picture of that.

And of course there was lots of fun with Aunt Amy, Uncle Joe, and the other relatives which I posted about earlier on my dad's bday.

We also went swimming, went to a kids consignment store, caught up with a high school friend over lunch, ate oreos, watched lots of HGTV and got inspired to redo my bedroom (look for that in an upcoming post!), drank Dr. Pepper, ate oreos, got 2 books read, played lots of words with friends, searched pinterest, played games, and ate oreos. I think I came back 5 pounds heavier from the oreos, but this is detox week so I'm good again. The reason I don't buy oreos: so I don't eat them.

Up next: Another wedding!


kmom said...

In case anyone is wondering, Olivia ate next to no Oreos. She ate Ritz crackers for her cookies.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you were sure busy. And how do you play "words with friends"? No wonder our girl has such a great tan. I can't believe the summer you guys are having to survive down there. I hope it cools off for you soon. Love much, Gma aka Mom

Leslie said...

Wait a second. What in the world is family consumer science?

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